March 19, 2012
DIY Lace Shorts

DIY lace shorts are a staple this summer and spring season. They are perfect accompaniment to light cardigans, denim tops and jumpers. They cost a lot in department and online stores so if you want to cut back on shopping costs, try making it yourself.

You'll need an old pair of shorts. This DIY lace shorts project works better on shorts without pockets. I used an old pair of tiered shorts but it has side flaps so I had trouble pinning the lace on the fabric. Make sure you get your pair of shorts first before your lace so you can easily find lace that matches the color of your shorts.

I forgot to take photos of the other steps but once you have pinned lace on the shorts, you can start sewing. Make sure you use same color thread to make the stitches less visible. It is very easy but can be a little tedious.

Here's the end result:


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