About Kathy

Born 1986. Young body, old soul perpetual little girl from the Philippines. Jill of all trades but a master of none. Nondescript. Recluse. Prefers the solitary and the mundane. Has her walls. Volatile. Especially when hungry, slept less than 7 hours or deprived of long leisurely baths.

Loves Michael and long, nonsensical talks. Hates critters. Especially black-colored ones. With fast-moving legs, big wings, bugsy eyes and long antennas.

Head in the clouds. Loves regency romance novels. Possibly a reincarnation of an 18th century wallflower.

Wind in my hair…anything fried for breakfast…Running Man episodes, The Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Fringe, Nikita and Once Upon A Time keep her occupied. Loves J and K-dramas. Loves polka dots, lace, bows, sheers, tulle, full skirts. Bare-faced most of the time.

Part time agony aunt. Full time writer.

Damon and Elena, Peeta and Katniss, Running Man’s Monday Couple, Mary Margaret and David, Drogo and Daenerys shipper. 

About My Peach Days

My Peach Days was inspired by a J-drama entitled Orange Days. I didn’t watch the drama. I just liked the title.

This blog could have been named My Peachy Days or All Those Vagaries.But competition ended because of my love for the color peach.

This blog is the extension of my brain. And my creativity (or lack thereof).

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