Sunday, July 24, 2016

I'm Back + Baby Update

I'm back! I don't know if anyone has noticed but it's been months since my last update. I've actually been waiting until I lost weight before getting back into blogging but I realized if I'll continue to wait until I'm 10 lbs lighter to actually love my body enough to blog outfits again, I'll be waiting for a long time. So i decided to just love myself now, weight gain and all.

It's interesting to note how much I've changed since starting this blog. Now, I'm a wife and a mother to a 7-month-old. Life has been pretty hectic lately as you might have guessed, what with taking care of two needy individuals (including my husband in this hahaha) and taking on some new endeavors.

I've recently taken up sewing. I've been sewing skirts and separates before but I have recently taken my skills to the next level and been creating 50s-style vintage dresses and baby rompers. My gingham dress here and Olivia's romper are both hand-made by me. Sewing has become my opium. haha! I bought a rather cheap sewing machine though but I'm planning to upgrade to a better one pretty soon. I've also discovered fabric stores on Instagram and I have been hoarding fabrics since. I'm not even kidding about the hoarding part. I see something I fancy and I buy even though I just bought a lot a few days before that. It's becoming an addiction. I need to be rehabilitated.

Baby is turning 8 months in a few weeks. Where did time go? It seems like yesterday when I'm sharing the news about her birth and now she's pushing 1 year old.

So how are you guys? What did I miss?

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