Sunday, April 24, 2016

Olivia Heloise's DIY Sheep/Lamb-Themed Baptism

I DIY-ed Olivia's Lamb/Sheep-themed Christening party in just three weeks - all while working a 10-hour flexible day job, taking care of household chores and attending to my baby and husband's needs. Man, I've never felt more exhausted in my life. Of course i had a lot of help from my creative sister, husband and cousins. We've made enough lamb cut-outs to last us a lifetime. 

I had this idea of a lamb/sheep-themed christening party when Via was born but we weren't originally planning to do it this soon. We figured it's better if she's baptized sooner rather than later.

I love how everything turned out! It was exhausting but seeing everything put together was worth it. So glad i went the extra mile to make her Christening day extra special.

Coincidentally, it was also Myk and I's 10th anniversary as a couple. We chose April 9 for Via's baptism so we have more to celebrate on that day.

Via's reception romper is from my favorite shop, BubbaandKokok and her shoes are from Saka Moccs. 

Photography by Esteban Balendres Laina


  1. Wow, I can't believe that you managed everything! great job! :)) anyway, this is so lovely! awesome DIY! :)

    xoxo, rae

  2. Great Job! How did you make the sheep/ lamb and the BAaaaaptism sign. Love it!!

  3. How did you make the sheep stand? 🐑

  4. how did you make the sheep?



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