Thursday, February 4, 2016

Through the Blur

turtleneck top, dress, beret: thrifted | shoes: Something Borrowed 

If your level of busyness is indicative of how successful you are, then I am CEO levels of successful. Man, my life is full of this and that. People seem to think that just because I work from home, I have it going easy. But no. I earn my own keep and take care of my family at the same time and it's taking a toll on me - physically, at least. It has come to a point that on my birthday, I wished for 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep instead of new things (I might have wished for extra pairs of limbs too but I'll bite my tongue). 

But with the lows come the highs. I'm all about balance, you see. I took some time off last Monday to buy food for Olivia's 2nd month celebration and sneaked this outfit shoot. I wore this only for a little less than three hours! ha! But it's a good feeling, although I've been swamped with guilt the entire time. Has any of you moms ever felt like you don't have a right to be out and about when your baby is left at home (with a sitter, of course!)? Or is that just me? Haha!


  1. Looking sweet as always! Love that little beret on you. :) xo

  2. Oh my, Kat! I'm not a mother so I'm afraid I can't answer, though I think it's natural to feel guilty but also equally important to get some rest while you can (and help if that what it requires). As a kid from a working (super)mom, I could vouch that although I stayed home with caretakers, I didn't feel like my mom loved me any less. I'm sure Olivia would feel the same when you're taking a rest (or decide to work outside for a change).

    Also, still in love with your style! ;)

    Alive as Always

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