Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stay If You Want

Perhaps one of my worst traits is that I am highly intolerant to a lot of things (dairy not being one of them, thankfully). I didn't actually come to that realization until after I had my first job as an adult. I was in my early 20s that time. I remember being suffused with the need get out, as if my reality back then was a prison of my own making. I remember waking up, dressing up and battling the entire day with my heart at the pit of my stomach. I remember feeling stifled and lifeless, like an automaton going through the motions.  It wasn't long before I mustered up the courage to hand over my resignation, pack my things up and go home. 

A lot of people think quitting is the easiest route. It's not. In my case, it takes sheer guts and determination to admit you're not cut out for something. 

So many things have changed since then but I'm still the same intolerant person as that real world novice who cried a lot. The only difference now is that I'm old enough to embrace the decisions I'm making. If there is something I don't want in my life and is not doing anything for my personal growth, I purge it, no matter how unpopular the act is. 

I'm actually thankful I have this stubborn streak in me that refuses to settle, to be tolerant just for the sake of saving face. At least I don't go around in a state of misery.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't let society's expectations of you dictate how you're going to carve out your life, unless you want everyone else to be happy but yourself. Don't settle for the sake of settling. Live your life, in your own pace, with your own decisions. And if there are people in your life, no matter how long they have been in it, who are undervaluing your worth, don't be afraid to cut ties. You are in charge of what you deserve. 

PS: Have you noticed the golf theme in this outfit? 

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