Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bright Light

Floral pinafore dress and turtleneck top: thrifted | Ashton Brogues: Tutum Shop | Bag: Borrowed from my sister | Beret: from an online shop

I managed to salvage these photos. The lighting looked awful in my camera because we shot this at an unholy hour in the early afternoon. Surprisingly, I liked the hazy and overexposed effect. 

It's so nice to finally have a semblance of my old routine back. The first week after giving birth, my inner control freak was miserable because of how erratic our schedule was. Although we're still short on sleep and we're far from having our old schedule back, we have managed to establish a routine so my control freak tendencies were temporarily mollified. 

Blogging helps me stay sane during these chaotic times (and one gummy smile from my baby, of course). I'm so glad I didn't quit this blog, even though I've been tempted to do so many times in the past. I'm also thankful to all of you, my blogger friends, who welcome me back every single time and seem to be genuinely happy that I'm posting again. You can't imagine how great that feels. 


  1. Love the pinafore x turtle neck combination <3

    Big Dreamer

  2. Welcome back, Kat! Wow I've missed you so!
    Love these photos myself too ;) especially the last one
    That pinafore is absolutely gorgeous and I can't believe you thrifted it! How lucky!

    Alive as Always



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