Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This Blue Dress

Myk and I celebrate our 9 years of being together today. Nothing special. We'll just hang out at home and cook something, that's special enough to me though. I love doing mundane things with my husband. 

Going out and spending so much on restaurant food is out of the question at the moment. We are both saving money to get our own place. We're currently living in his parents' home. His family migrated to Canada a couple of years back and he has lived alone in their house since. 

The prospect of having our own house thrills me. I can decorate my own place, cook in my own kitchen, put up my own floor to ceiling bookshelves. hehe. Exciting possibilities! We still have a long way to go before we can own one though (my God but houses are expensive in the Ph!) but the journey is what makes it so fulfilling. 

And because we've been saving these days, I have been slowly weaning myself off of retail therapy. I get my clothes from thrift stores though, cheaper than buying elsewhere. Sometimes, I'd get so jealous of the pretty dresses I see on bloggers and itch to buy the exact same thing. But I hold off and use the future house as my motivation. hehe. Priorities. 

Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth continuing this personal style blog. I can only show you guys style inspiration. I can't show you where to get your clothes because nearly all my items are thrifted. 

I also thrifted this dress. It's such a pretty vintage frock I was saving for the summer season. I thought I'd change my hair style a bit and had my sister do an around the world braid on my hair.

Well, I hope you guys are having a great week! Stay strong!


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