Monday, March 30, 2015

Flowers on My Collar

I scrambled to wear this long-sleeved top. I was desperately chasing after the balmy weather because I knew, despite the top's spring vibes, that I can no longer wear it come the tropical summer season. It's much too stifling of a top to wear sensibly on a sweltering day. And now that it takes a long time to commute from our current marital home to my childhood home town, I pay more serious attention to my choices of garments.

Admittedly, I was only drawn to this top because of the floral embroidery at the collar. It's always nice to have such accents pop out of nowhere.

And this skirt. I found a thrifting place at my husband's home town and it is filled with lots of goodies. He literally had to drag me out of there or I might have gotten us bankrupt. There were second hand shoes from Jill Stuart, Zara and even Prada. People here have so little appreciation for those and it's a pity. If only I wear heels though.

I bought this skirt there just when I was looking for the perfect blush-tone skirt to go with a floral top I thrifted a couple of weeks back. The joys of thrifting!

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  1. It is always hard to wear certain sleeves that make you just sweat the entire time you wear it.
    You look lovely! I am glad that your husband is able to help curb your thrifting haha. I think if I actually went into a thrift store I'd have to have the same thing happen.



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