Saturday, February 28, 2015


It would seem like all I ever do lately is pair a knitted top with a midi skirt. It has become a staid formula I have managed to inject in my wardrobe. This was taken yesterday, in the midst of all the going to and fro to my husband's (now mine) municipality to my old residence. It was a pleasant enough day and we really put it off until the golden hour so I'll be bathed in beautiful light. I mean, really, with the soft rays of the sun shining down on your being, who needs make-up? Although I could use some more  lip color. I look too sickly for comfort. Husband's family probably already thinks I'm too puny to procreate (Calm down people, we haven't even been married two months yet! lol /facepalms). 

So in between being gawked at by joggers and cyclists (who also had the same idea to catch the last rays of the sun whilst sweating buckets), we got our shots! Hope you like it. :)


  1. I might catch you doing photos when you do it tues or thurs, i jog there after work sometimes hehe!

  2. That skirt is awesome, I love the length on you! :)

  3. LOL I think the size of someone's body has nothing to do with procreations! Also, you guys are the cutest couple!

    Alive as Always

  4. I love your vintage outfits, i'm a fan already! Followed you on IG! hihi Keep on posting!

  5. Wow I love these photos so much! Great outfit (but that is normal for you to dress amazingly).



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