Friday, October 16, 2015

30 Weeks

Dress: thrifted | shoes: Something Borrowed | hat: bought online | bag:vintage 

These photos were taken during my 30th week of pregnancy. I'm already on my 32nd.  I'm so close to popping this baby out and I'm both thrilled and scared at the same time. 

I've often wondered why it's such a taboo for women to admit they're scared of childbirth. I know so very little women who would claim they were terrified prior to giving birth. In social media, I only see excited pregnant women. 

I, for one, am terrified of the process.  Of course the excitement trumps all feelings of fear but there's no denying it's there. And as I get closer to my due date, that gnawing feeling increases and I can't help but find reassurance from other women who have gone through the same. After all, childbirth is a life or death matter.

On the other hand, we're really looking forward to the next few weeks. Pregnancy has been a revelation to me. It's both an ugly and a beautiful thing.

Although occasionally discomfiting and painful, not to mention restricting, i love feeling the small jabs and kicks. It reminds me that someone so precious is growing inside me and that I'm a vessel for that miracle. It makes me complain about engorged body parts, back pain and edema less. This baby can use my body all it wants so long as it arrives healthy and happy.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Where Did Everyone Go?

thrifted gingham dress | Something Borrowed Triple Strap Mary Janes from | vintage bag

I just noticed how many of the bloggers I follow and loved earnestly are no longer blogging - their virtual spaces deleted or left to collect virtual dust. There are times when I'm tempted to follow suit, especially these days when pregnancy and work take their toll on me and most likely in the near future when I have my hands full with a newborn.

But blogging is like opium to a druggie. There's no permanency to quitting. And I don't want to leave. Not just yet. Not when the other social media spaces are so full of garbage. Not when every chance you get, you censor yourself before posting because someone might take your words out of context or you'll get hated because you have beliefs that do not conform to the norms. Not when there's not much freedom to be you elsewhere.

Yes, blogging has become overly commercialized and that might be off-putting to the more conservative, to the more strictler to the old ways of blogging. But it's still that place where there's you, your words and your mighty keyboard. You spew words like a knight wielding a sword - valiant and purposeful. And there's freedom to that that can't be taken away from you.

So yes, despite it all, we keep coming back.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Betty Boop Sneakers

top, skirt and sneakers: thrifted || bag : vintage

Hello again blogosphere! So excited to share to you these photos. I really just love gingham and I'm so ecstatic that they're all the rage these days (D&G, Michael Kors, and so on). I mean, they've been pretty much popular with vintage and retro lovers out there but since they're going mainstream these days, people won't tease me for wearing a checkerboard ever again. lol. I own a looott of gingham clothes. My eyes tend to gravitate towards them when I go thrifting. 

How cute are these sneakers, by the way? It has a Betty Boop print and lips embroidery on it. These could easily turn into my favorite white sneakers.

Pregnancy, so far, has been good to me. I was expecting morning/afternoon sickness all day, everyday but so far it's not. I still have whole day bouts of illness sometimes despite being in my second trimester already. 

I can still fit in my high-waisted stuff, except the pants and shorts. I'm scrambling to use these clothes before my tummy gets bigger. So excited for the next few months but scared at the same time. 

Anyway, hope you all are having a great weekend!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baby On The Way!

Long time no blog! Real life got in the way. It turned out it's raining blessings for me this year as my husband and I found out just a few weeks ago that we're soon going to be parents. I'm about 15 weeks far along now and I'm relishing these last few weeks of being able to fit in my dresses so here I am, a new outfit post. 

Excuse my rather exhausted face in these photos. The day was so hot and we had to wake up early to decorate my aunt's wedding venue. Also, my first trimester is physically draining. The whole day sickness, the chronic fatigue and the little aches and pains can really put a damper to my spirit. I'm just about starting to recover some of my old energy back as I'm sashaying into my second trimester. There was also a small problem with my health that I fretted and worried over for a couple of weeks until the doctor assured me, it's not going to affect the growth of my baby. What a relief!

I really hope I can share more outfit photos in the future, growing tummy and all. 

Anyhow, I hope you are all having a grand weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This Blue Dress

Myk and I celebrate our 9 years of being together today. Nothing special. We'll just hang out at home and cook something, that's special enough to me though. I love doing mundane things with my husband. 

Going out and spending so much on restaurant food is out of the question at the moment. We are both saving money to get our own place. We're currently living in his parents' home. His family migrated to Canada a couple of years back and he has lived alone in their house since. 

The prospect of having our own house thrills me. I can decorate my own place, cook in my own kitchen, put up my own floor to ceiling bookshelves. hehe. Exciting possibilities! We still have a long way to go before we can own one though (my God but houses are expensive in the Ph!) but the journey is what makes it so fulfilling. 

And because we've been saving these days, I have been slowly weaning myself off of retail therapy. I get my clothes from thrift stores though, cheaper than buying elsewhere. Sometimes, I'd get so jealous of the pretty dresses I see on bloggers and itch to buy the exact same thing. But I hold off and use the future house as my motivation. hehe. Priorities. 

Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth continuing this personal style blog. I can only show you guys style inspiration. I can't show you where to get your clothes because nearly all my items are thrifted. 

I also thrifted this dress. It's such a pretty vintage frock I was saving for the summer season. I thought I'd change my hair style a bit and had my sister do an around the world braid on my hair.

Well, I hope you guys are having a great week! Stay strong!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Be Still, Quiet. Silence Is Your Arsenal.

I actually prepared a lengthy blog post but ended up deleting it and replacing it with another mundane blurb. I do that a lot these days. Censor myself. It's as if I lost my writing backbone, if ever I even had one. Part of that is because I couldn't care less anymore.

It's like I automatically shut out anything and everything that will arouse ire in me. And that's a good thing, right? It's not that I'm choosing to be apathetic. It's just the I have outgrown the taste for meaningless arguments that offer so little value to one's growth. So I hold back and I dismiss anything that is not worth my time.

If this isn't maturity, I don't know what is.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Flowers on My Collar

I scrambled to wear this long-sleeved top. I was desperately chasing after the balmy weather because I knew, despite the top's spring vibes, that I can no longer wear it come the tropical summer season. It's much too stifling of a top to wear sensibly on a sweltering day. And now that it takes a long time to commute from our current marital home to my childhood home town, I pay more serious attention to my choices of garments.

Admittedly, I was only drawn to this top because of the floral embroidery at the collar. It's always nice to have such accents pop out of nowhere.

And this skirt. I found a thrifting place at my husband's home town and it is filled with lots of goodies. He literally had to drag me out of there or I might have gotten us bankrupt. There were second hand shoes from Jill Stuart, Zara and even Prada. People here have so little appreciation for those and it's a pity. If only I wear heels though.

I bought this skirt there just when I was looking for the perfect blush-tone skirt to go with a floral top I thrifted a couple of weeks back. The joys of thrifting!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Another Baguio Post

Just popping in real quick to share this post with you guys; This is my second day outfit for our most recent Baguio trip. The dress was thrifted, the shirt is from a local store and the shoes and beanie are both bought online.

Baguio never fails to give us perfectly-lit photos! Anyhow, I'm off to enjoy the start of my weekend. Hope you guys enjoy yours too!


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