Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flower Power

Dress: from a local store | Yellow Cardigan: thrifted | Bag: Nina Ricci (vintage I got from a thrift store) | Shoes: Fashion | Hat: from a store in Baguio | Eyeglasses: Divisoria buy

Wohoo another outfit post! Can we just take a moment to appreciate this sudden diligence in blogging? :D

Actually, I just squeezed these outfit shots in between taking couple photos for our guest book and practicing for our engagement shoot. Myk and I decided not to have our engagement/prenup photos taken by a professional photographer because of two reasons: 1.) We wanted to cut down on costs and 2.) We wanted to be as creative as we can about the whole thing and get as much fun out of it for future fond memories.

It's down to three months 'till the big day and my hands are so full. I'm always constantly wishing there's a day between Saturday and Sunday so I can accomplish more.

Anyway, I hope you guys like the outfit. I forgot to photograph details of my thrifted cardigan. It has a cute scalloped lapel and ribbon at the wrists. Also, it's been a long time since I've worn my thrifted Nina Ricci bag. It's still one of my best thrift finds. I also have an authentic Lanvin envelope clutch that I bought for so cheap.

That's it for now. Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Boyfriend Shirt

shirt: Myk's | skirt: thrifted | bag: thrifted H&M | shoes: SM Department Store

Have you guys watched the Korean drama It's Okay, That's Love? Well, this outfit is inspired by Gong Hyo Jin's style there. I never thought I'd wear a tube midi skirt one day, but here I am, wearing one, and feeling great in it. I was worried it will make my legs look even more stunted but surprisingly, I looked okay in it. 

You might have seen this shirt from my instagram account a few months back. I bought it for Myk. I was so smitten with the design, which was fashioned after the Snellen Chart but with the words "The Only Thing Worse Than Being Blind Is Having Sight And No Vision" written over it. I just had to wear it once. I just HAD to! hehe. But I guess after getting married, I'd have more chances of wearing it. 

I know this looks so summery but on the days when it's not raining, it actually feels like summer here in the Philippines! That watermelon tote was a lucky find at the thrift store. It's an H&M piece and looked so dirty, I had to soak it in laundry soap water for days. 

I'll be updating our new site soon for wedding details. But worry not, this blog will still be alive for my outfit posts and whatnots.

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