Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CNBLUE Can't Stop Manila 2014 Concert

I'm a huge CNBLUE fan. Probably not as big a fan as some of the die-hard Boices out there but fan enough to brave a 7-hour night commute from the province to the city while a huge storm is brewing (okay, we didn't really have an idea that it's going to be THAT HUGE of a storm. Our weather forecasting bureau here sucks big time) to make it in time for the concert with some more hours to spare. 

It's CNBLUE's second concert here. We also went the first time but didn't document it here so I figured I might share the experience this time. 

I first heard of CNBLUE back in 2011 (I think?). I saw their newly-released MV LOVE Girl circulating on kpop-related tumblr blogs that time and found the video too cute for words. But it wasn't until the kdrama You've Fallen For Me that starred Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min Hyuk that I became really interested in their musical talent (because let's face it, a lot of fans are only fans because these boys are cute. Nothing wrong with that, ehehe). 

So yeah, that pretty much jumpstarted a lot of cyber stalking. We watch every single drama Yong Hwa is in and that even includes his variety show guestings. In fact, he introduced us to our favorite variety show, Running Man (how hilarious was Episode 9?)

When you get into the kpop world, there's no turning back. Un-fanning is not in any kpop lover's vocabulary. You get sucked more and more into this world and there's no way out. 

CNBLUE is a cut above the rest. They command the stage so much that even their entrance alone sends your heart palpitating. And that's saying a lot since I'm mostly a passive person. lol. 

This year's concert was extra memorable. The boys learned more tagalog words, Jung Shin spent his birthday here and they were all thankful to the fans who came despite the God-awful weather. Despite the weather, the atmosphere was very festive outside the concert venue. The fan clubs are giving away paraphernalias to use for the concert and everyone's just friendly - easily jumping into conversation with the person next to you and gushing about the boys. It's like one big happy family where we all share a mutual interest, you know?  

I wish we can do this every year. I just can't describe the feeling. I feel so alive whenever I watch a CNBLUE concert. hehe.

Anyway, I managed to capture these photos from my humble vantage point. If you are a BOICE too, hope you like these!


  1. omg im a boice also! but i never watch them live /sigh/ only managed to watch ft island instead hehe i love them both!
    Indeed, when u get into kpop world..there's no turning back lol but currently i'm rlly into k-indie songs, try to listen also ^^

    1. FT Island is great too! Do you have any K-indie recommendations? I'd love to get in it too. :)



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