Sunday, August 24, 2014

Constant Pursuit of Time

Sorry for the long blog post intervals. It's been hectic these days and as much as I'd love to take outfit photos, I just feel eternally drained. I feel like I'm in constant pursuit of deadlines. Wedding planning is also taking up so much of my free time. I'm not complaining about that though. It's an enjoyable process most of the time when I'm not arguing with the husband-to-be about certain details such as number of guests and suppliers. I tell you, if you make it through the planning stage of the wedding, you'll probably make it through most of the hard stuff in your marriage. loljk. What do I know, right? Seriously, I really look forward to when I can already start DIY-ing some of our wedding decors. 

About the outfit, this is probably the newest thing I own right now in my closet. And I mean new, as in NOT new to me. I've always felt like my closet is so anti-retail. I liked how stretchy the fabric is and how it looks so sporty. I'll probably fit in A-Pink's Mr. Chu MV. lol. It's a tad short though, hence the shorts underneath. Paired it up with my gingham shoes. I've been waiting to feature these in the blog. I also have it in green. 

If the weather permits, I'm going to start posting more now. I hope my readers haven't completely written off this blog from their reading list yet. ehehe. How are you all doing?


  1. Aaargghh!! Ecstatic to see you posting again, Kathy! Definitely not written you off, in fact I thought about you just yesterday when perusing through my reader list and wondered how you've been doing.

    I hope you'll be posting some of the wedding details! Exciting to hear you'll be doing some DIY decors, I'm crossing my fingers for tutorials, hehe.

    Anyways, good to see you looking adorable as ever.

    Demi |

    1. Thank you Demi!! It warms my heart to know some readers still want to see me blogging. I'm putting up another blog with Myk and hopefully it will contain DIYs and wedding deets. :)



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