Sunday, April 27, 2014

Outfit Recap: Spring Theme (April 23 - 27, 2014 + New Posting Format!)

Ookay, so this is going to be a long post, longer than usual, because I have decided to cram all my photographed outfits of the week in one blog entry. The editing process was a tad more tedious than I expected, mainly because I had a hard time picking which photos will make it to the final entry. Lol. It sounds ominous. I finally made it to 20 edited photos. I hope all of them are loading properly and did not cause your browsers to die. hehe~

I'm going to do some sort of outfit journal, hoping to regale you with stories about how I got the clothes and where I got the inspiration from. This way, I'll have more time for separate entries for other things like, random photography that does not have anything to do with fashion, stuff I make in the kitchen, weekend escapades, or my current kdrama/jdrama/anime obsessions.

Alright, here goes nothing:

This Week's Theme: Spring

I styled this week's outfits with one theme in mind: spring. We don't have spring here but if we do, the pieces I used here will definitely be some of my staples - pastel shirt dresses, floral shiftdresses, high-waisted shorts, sheer tops and midi skirts.

April 23, 2014 Outfit: Floral on floral ensemble
Wearing: Floral shift dress I already wore before, floral shirt dress (worn as an outerwear): both thrifted
Yellow oxford shoes: local store | headband: local store | bag: borrowed from my sister

I had this urge to experiment on floral patterns. My style of dressing is very safe, what with the conservative and rather judgmental society I live in, so outfits like this are not exactly a crowd-pleaser. But I liked the effect of the pastel flower outerwear with the more earthy tone of the inner floral shift dress. Added with the pink twist headband, I looked far fresher than I really felt that day.

April 25, 2014 Outfit: Pale pink dress
Wearing: Pink shirtdress and inner collared button down: thrifted
Yellow tasseled shoes: | bag: still borrowing the bag!

This dress used to be two sizes too large for me. It was originally a vintage piece with puffed and padded sleeves and a hem length that sits on one's shins (if you are short of stature like me). I bought it thinking I'd have it tailored. The tailoring process was...a process. I spent more on the altering of the dress than the cost of the actual dress so I regretted the purchase for a while. On the other hand, regrets don't sit well with me so I had to make the most out of it. I had the collars cut off and the sleeves removed the second time I had it altered (the first altering wasn't working for me) and then gave it a school girl panache with my trusty white collared button down. 

April 26, 2014 Outfit: Muscle tee and plaid midi skirt
Wearing: Except for the headband (and my undergarments, of course, lol!), everything was thrifted

In my previous posts, I shared to you some of my favorite S/S 2014 outfits from Stylenanda. I've been siphoning inspiration from their styling and it's probably evident in this outfit (the shoes, the bag, the headband). This is my favorite outfit of this week! I'm usually in my element in midi skirts so it's not surprising I felt very comfortable in it. 

April 27, 2014 Outfit: Embroidered blouse, high-waisted shorts
Wearing: All thrifted

I hated this outfit with a passion. I don't even know why I went for it. I think it was because I was in a hurry to pack up (I was planning to spend the weekend at Myk's) and I grabbed the first interesting thing I saw. The blouse, which was really cute with its interesting collar and pretty embroidery, just did nothing to flatter my already-unflattering figure. The ruching in front made me look like I gained three layers of fat, especially when I sit down. Heol. Never again! Hehe.

So there, dear readers! Which outfit is your favorite? I think this is going to be my outfit post format from now on. It allows me to talk more about what I'm wearing and save the other, more personal topics for another blog entry. Also, this actually challenges me to start working with my wardrobe and using stuff I already own. Most of the time, I wear my thrifted clothes only once. I thrift at least once a week so the new ones hold my attention more. I think I did a good job re-wearing clothes and giving them a different flair this week. 

I don't go out everyday, since my work is home-based. But I'll try to snap photos of what I'm wearing when I do go out.

This ends my lengthy blog post. I hope you made it this far. Ehehe~ Thank you so much for reading and I hope your week has been stupendous!


  1. So pretty!


  2. Everything is so cute so it's hard to choose one but I love the idea of muscle tee and plaid midi skirt! :D oh and the pale pink dress too....

  3. What are you talking about? The last outfit is actually my favourite! I mean, that collar and those embroideries? Nothing can ever go wrong with that! (No, wait, probably a lot of things could but you get what I meant.)

    Love the new format! But, if I may, I think it's better to pile the photos of the same outfit into a group and put the description for each of them underneath. That way, we really don't have to scroll too far up and down. But that's just me.

    1. I'm with Bivi! The shorts outfit is adorable. It looks really refreshing. But I love all of these - you photos are gorgeous and this looks like a magazine editorial.

      You've mixed all these pastels together so artfully. <3

  4. You are seriously so cute! I love how you style clothes! And those yellow shoes!! ♥♥



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