Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inspiration: Style Nanda Spring/Summer

My personal project requires me to spend a lot of time stalking Korean online clothing stores. The general aesthetic of Korean fashion is so right up my alley - vintage-inspired clothes with quirky modern styling. I love the occasional nod to the 60s with their pin-up styling (especially during the spring and summer seasons), I love the ahjumma vibes made youthful by sandals worn with socks. Best of all, I love the photography. 

My online hunts often lead me to online places like Bread and Butter, Plastic Island, Thursday Island, SJSJ, Rougevan, Fashion to Any and Lucky Chouette. But at the top of my favorites is Style Nanda. I'm sure you've all heard of this super popular Korean brand already.

I'm getting a lot of inspiration from their Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. They shot some of them in Japan, during the height of the Hanami. These photos are my favorites from their recent uploads. Kang Ji Won used to be my favorite Style Nanda model but she's no longer with them (she models from Rougevan now). She was replaced by this super cute model.

You'll most likely see me in Style Nanda-inspired outfits in the next few weeks, that is if I can muster enough energy to dress up and take photos. This summer heat is sucking the life out of me. Every time I dress up, I find myself changing into a nondescript outfit because I can't take the humid La Union weather. Ugh. T__T. But I'll definitely post soon! Meanwhile, hope you like these photos (if you haven't seen them yet, that is).


  1. Wow, what a wonderful collection! I'm in love with the retro floral sets.

  2. Love everything!! I love all of this girl's photos for Stylenanda. She brings such a different charm compared to Sora and Minhee. Too bad she isn't part of Nanda anymore <3

    And I know what you mean about the heat - I can't even push myself out of the house, let alone take photos ;___;

    1. So true! I can relate to her style and general vibe more than Sora and Minhee (although both are undeniably gorgeous). I meant Ji Won isn't a part of Nanda anymore. The girl in the photos above replaced her. I hope she comes back though. :) :)

      Ugh this heat. Everything I put on myself feels heavy and sticky.



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