Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Hard Day's Night

Remember this shirt? I wore it summer of last year. The sleeves were long but I had it cut shorter. It's really not the best shirt to wear when it's scorching hot outside but I was desperate for something 60s-inspired.

Myk and I celebrated our 8th anniversary today. I actually lost count so I had to backtrack. To be honest, I'm not so big on monthsaries and anniversaries. It's not that I take them for granted, it's just that everyday is a special day for Myk and I. No, really. Fluff and cheesy lines aside, both of us are big believers of the power of now.

Also, I don't really like grand gestures. The mere thought makes me cringe. I find them romantic on others, but I'm just not that comfortable with the idea of being the recipient of such attention - unless you take me to a theme park and do your grand gesture there, then we'll talk. hehe~ Do I sound cold?

I love these carnations though. Carnation is my birth flower. Thanks namja chinggu! I know you're reading this. He's an avid reader of this blog and my number one fan. If not for Myk, this blog would be toast. There are days when I feel like deleting this space but Myk often tells me not to.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you are all having a great week so far! <3


  1. Happy 8th anniversary, you guys! Congratulations! Man, Firu and I are still around halfway there (this year marks our 4-year anniv). Oh, you guys are so lucky to be with each other everyday~

  2. That shirt is amazing! What a great find. :) & congratulations on your anniversary. xoxo

  3. Happy anniversary!
    You look like an adorable retro diner babe.




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