Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pink Looks Prettiest With A Bit Of Gray

Just some photos from last Saturday when I wore the pair of culottes I've been meaning to wear for quite some time now. I'm kind of feeling blah lately and I feel like I need to step away from the blogosphere for a bit and replenish my creative juices. I'll be back soon! <3


  1. Your blog title reminds me of my 8th grade class's gym uniform. I hated pink back then (now a little less) so it was torture to me. But tbh, it was rather a fantastic design.

  2. Oh man, culottes! I have a love-hate relationship with those. I love them, but everyone around me hates them. What's a girl to do?!

    I hope you find some creative inspirations on your break and you're back stronger than ever! :)




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