Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lazy Days

It's here. Summer is really here. Those days when as soon as you step outside the comforts of your home, the heat makes you want to go back inside and spend the rest of the day in front of the fan, is inescapably here. 

The heat here in La Union is different. Geographically located right next to the beach, we experience heat on a more intense level. The humidity will make you feel lethargic, a tad more irritable on certain days of the month. I sort of wonder what other people visiting our province feel when they get a taste of the heat here.

Our solution is to find spots like this for refuge - the breeze from the sea is comforting, especially when you experience it whilst lounging under a towering tree. The view lying down is this spectacular canopy of leaves and branches that takes me back to childhood days. I think I'm forever chasing that carefree feeling of my youth - the days when climbing trees are of the biggest import and nothing, not even hellish summer weather, can put a damper to my spirit.

I'm wearing:

A striped top that used to be a sweater. I figured I'd get better wear of it this season. The skirt dungaree used to be long. I also had it shortened. Not a bad icky weather outfit, if I may say so myself.


  1. i love it! :) love the dress.. :) so cute :)
    Irene Wibowo

  2. Lovely outfit! The dungaree dress is really cute! I have never read The Little Prince but I have been intending to for ages - I've read The Little Princess.. I'm sure that counts. Haha :)

  3. I love your pinafore! I wish I could say that we'd had some heat here too recently, but whilst it is beginning to warm up, it's not yet warm enough to ditch the coat/jacket!



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