Wednesday, March 5, 2014


bag: vintage| shoes: Fashion 71| everything else: thrifted
I love days like today. It reminds me so much of the dog days of summer back in my childhood when all my siblings and I ever cared about is catching up on the latest episodes of our favorite animes and eating Halo Halo in the afternoon. Nostalgic.

I ended up posting one too many photos just because Myk took so many nice shots and I had a hard time choosing.

I have a feeling this will be my summer uniform - a boxy shirt of sorts and a midi skirt. I just love midi skirts, especially if they're plaid.

I definitely need to catch up on my blog readings. I miss interacting with other bloggers. But thank you guys for always visiting this space and leaving heart-warming comments. They really lift my spirit up. <3


  1. I love that skirt, it's so super poofy! Did you wear a petticoat underneath? Looks awesome. And as someone who loves all dog-related clothing and accessories, I gotta say that belt is to die for.

    Have you tried Feedly? I just check it every day before work and it's quite lovely to see what other bloggers are up to :)


    1. I did wear a petticoat underneath. Just my old petticoat I'm planning to change already.I haven't tried Feedly though. I'll have a check. Thanks for reading! :)

  2. I had to look up Halo Halo. It sounds fantastic!

    Your outfit is lovely, and I'm really admiring the soft, warm lighting in your photos. Also, I think I'll be permanently on the lookout for a Scottie dog belt like that. So cute!

    1. Halo Halo is our version of shaved ice. hehe ;p
      Thank you Anna! Myk definitely wants to hear that his photography is greatly appreciated. <3

  3. you look fresh with those combination colour. loving the plaid skirt.
    join my sammydress giveaway on blog ;)


  4. Oooh that skirt is so full and pretty! and the colour matching here is pretty genius, from your shoes to your pretty earrings!
    Likewise, I'm giving myself some time to stop being so busy for a moment, and catch up on reading my favourite blogs! Hello! :)

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  6. adore your top Gab! and it suits so well with ur hologram skirt ><
    and the lipstick looks so great on you! i dont think i can pull off grunge look as cool as thiss <3

  7. I pretty much just want to raid your wardrobe! You look so lovely and bright, what a beautiful color combination :)




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