Sunday, March 2, 2014

Girl in Plaid

February has come and gone. March is upon us and to us Filipinos, this means the start of the sweat-soaking and blood-boiling summer months. Summer in the tropics these days is hellishly hot and truth be told, while I am anticipating going to the beach once or twice, I'm not really looking forward to this season that much just because of the painstaking weather - especially since I don't use AC in my room.

But I'm giving a last hurrah to the sweater months, granted that these photos were actually taken in Baguio where the temperature is much colder compared here in the lowlands.

And just because I'm painfully aware of my absence these past few weeks and as a way to atone for fleetingly considering shutting this blog down despite my former resolve to give this space unflagging attention, here are more photos!

Forgive my tired-looking face here. I was running on very little sleep and have been working myself to the grave these past few days. But Session in Bloom has become Myk and I's yearly tradition so going was an absolute must, sleep-deprived state notwithstanding.

Until next post!


  1. Glad to see you Kathy and I'm glad you didn't shut down your blog! I always enjoy seeing/reading posts from you :) Feel free to tell mother nature to send some of that heat towards America… I'm sick of the cold and ready for some sun!!


  2. cute outfit, dear!

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