Monday, March 3, 2014

Bring in the Florals!

A few days before the start of summer, I found myself buying a few turtleneck sweaters. I questioned the practicality of this decision considering how I'm never going to get much wear from them in the next few months. But alas, my personal style, occasionally calls for impractical decisions because my heart just had to cave in!

I did get some wear from this red sweater, thanks to our Baguio trip. I got the full floral skirt the same day I got the sweater and they matched so well, I thought it was a serendipitous purchase. I regret not putting a petticoat under the skirt. I would have loved to give it extra fullness. But the only petticoat I have right now is threadbare. This reminds me to start making the starched petticoat DIY I stumbled upon a few months ago.  

Hope you like these photos, as repetitive as they may look. Myk and I found a picnic spot that looks like it's somewhere abroad so we got carried away with the self-portraits a tiny bit.  


  1. you have the cutest outfits :)
    love the skirt!!!

  2. you're so lovely! where you get the backpack, btw?

  3. If you do end up making the petticoat, please post a tutorial, that would be wonderful :)


  4. Beautiful look! And I loove your hair here :)

    xox Sammi

  5. Really cute outfit! I love turtleneck jumpers too and bought a few 3 or 4 months ago, but they're mostly fairly loose so annoying to tuck into skirts - I need to get a couple of more fitted ones I think! And the petticoat sounds amazing, would love to see it if you make it!
    Just came across your blog and I really love it :) Following you now!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  6. that skirt....totally craving for it! <3 don't worry, i always love your shots! and the location also look so beautiful

  7. That red bag of yours is so adorable! I've seen it a lot on the blog and grew accustomed to it somehow. Also, envy your weather right now! Cannot wait for spring/summer!

  8. What a beautiful skirt! You look so lovely in these photos :) X

  9. Hi! Your blog is so cute. Love your outfit, love it bc it is different from the mainstream fashion trend. My friend and I started a blogazine called, are focusing on current fashion trends through bloggers like you. I If you are interested and want more details email me at Thanks Linda =)



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