Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lazy Days

It's here. Summer is really here. Those days when as soon as you step outside the comforts of your home, the heat makes you want to go back inside and spend the rest of the day in front of the fan, is inescapably here. 

The heat here in La Union is different. Geographically located right next to the beach, we experience heat on a more intense level. The humidity will make you feel lethargic, a tad more irritable on certain days of the month. I sort of wonder what other people visiting our province feel when they get a taste of the heat here.

Our solution is to find spots like this for refuge - the breeze from the sea is comforting, especially when you experience it whilst lounging under a towering tree. The view lying down is this spectacular canopy of leaves and branches that takes me back to childhood days. I think I'm forever chasing that carefree feeling of my youth - the days when climbing trees are of the biggest import and nothing, not even hellish summer weather, can put a damper to my spirit.

I'm wearing:

A striped top that used to be a sweater. I figured I'd get better wear of it this season. The skirt dungaree used to be long. I also had it shortened. Not a bad icky weather outfit, if I may say so myself.

I Made: Mochi Ice Cream

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of these small treats! I first got the idea of making mochi ice cream at home from this Youtube video. But since I steamed mine, the dough didn't came out so well. I tried again later this week and they were just perfect! Well, almost perfect.

The blue ones are stuffed with Kesong Puti ice cream (white cheese from goat/cow) and the yellow with Honeydew Melon ice cream. 

They taste exactly like the Mochiko brand of mochis we usually have in Baguio. So yay! I no longer need to go to Baguio just to eat Mochi Ice Cream whenever I have a craving!

You guys just watch that How-to video if you also want to know how to make Mochi Ice Cream at home. good luck!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pink Looks Prettiest With A Bit Of Gray

Just some photos from last Saturday when I wore the pair of culottes I've been meaning to wear for quite some time now. I'm kind of feeling blah lately and I feel like I need to step away from the blogosphere for a bit and replenish my creative juices. I'll be back soon! <3

Monday, March 24, 2014

Inspiration: Hamada Hideaki Photography

I am so deeply smitten by Hamada Hideaki's photography. His style is quintessentially Japanese - so full of soft and beautiful light. He has mastered the art of balancing desaturation and vibrancy, thereby giving his photos an ethereal and nostalgic feel to them.

As you can see, most of his photos feature his two kids, Haru and Mina. I actually own a pencil case with an illustration of these two boys. It is my favorite pencil case and when I saw the photo on Hamada Hideaki's portfolio, I was literally floored. So that illustration came from a beautiful photo, I mused.

I literally spent hours perusing his portfolio. It was just teeming with inspiration. Even now as I type this, I'm filled with this pressing need to go out there and capture life more and be a better photographer. He definitely inspired me to pursue film photography.

If you want to see more of his work, follow his Tumblr account, his main page or his instagram account. All photos are from his Tumblr account.

Friday, March 21, 2014


It feels weird, not wearing glasses. I just bought a new pair of contact lenses after going without for a few months. Funny how my face feels so naked (and vulnerable!) without my trusty specs.

Anyway, I found this super adorable bunny knitted cardigan last week. It even has these little carrots! So hard to resist even when I've vowed not to buy anything new for the sake of my small closet's health. I really have to "spring" clean soon. These days, I practically have to shove hard just to get my closet to close. It's so full of thrifted and vintage stuff I'm not ready to let go of yet - many of which I haven't even worn yet. T__T.

I'm a hoarder. There I've said it. I really have to do something about this clothes infestation problem before it gets worse. lol.

Hope you guys like this outfit. It's nice to be away from my usual colorful ensembles. I hope you aren't tired of seeing those though because I still have tons more prismatic outfits to post here.

It's almost weekend! I'll spend it with Myk, cooking and running over work. We often joke about how I'm the CEO in our small web-based company and how he should call me boss. lol! He's the web developer and SEO expert and I'm in charge of the site's research, content and social media. We make a great team, if I do say so myself. <3

Have a great weekend guys!

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