Thursday, February 20, 2014

You Are Free Now

News of your passing away pushed the remnants of sleep away from my foggy brain, Thursday morning. You were 28.

I don't claim to know you well but I knew part of the teenage girl you once were. Remember when our class teacher chose the two of us to be seated on either side of Leon because she thought we'd be a civilizing influence on him? I remembered being in awe of you because you were such an awesome kid - smart, beautiful and well-mannered. Your notebooks were always complete, your handwriting so neat. Your bob was always so neatly combed and your uniform so pristine. I never saw you sweating buckets even when answering complex trigonometry problems.

We've had no reason to be in touch with each other all these years but your passing has rendered a part of my heart empty. I know I will forever mourn that loss. I wish I knew more of your story and how valiantly you fought your illness. I wish I knew the woman you've become. But I'm content with just knowing you, the bubbly girl you were. I'll tuck your guileless smiles somewhere in my memories.

Goodbye, Haya. Thank you for your story.


  1. I know my words will not ease your pain but I just want to say my condolences and I hope your friend's happy in the afterlife. I wish for you strength to get through this and everlasting memory of her.

  2. Shedding tears now. Haya was such an idol from elementary to high school years. She is what proves that the good die young. So sad, this tragedy. Pero glad that her suffering has ended na.



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