Saturday, February 8, 2014

Slow Down, Child, Because It's Foolhardy

Dress and bag: vintage | shoes: Fashion | headwrap: local store

Virtually every minute of my weekdays is devoted to my work and my personal project. There's very little of everything else unless I actually manage to finish before my deadline. I love what I'm doing so much that I'm willing to be enslaved by the process of earning money. I don't even have recognition of time anymore once I start doing my personal project (which is now starting to earn me some considerable passive income). What little break time I have in the afternoon is devoted to playing with my nephew. 

But even though I put so much effort on my career to the point of honing blisters on my butt (an exaggeration) and getting THIS close to having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (not so exaggerated), I still feel like I'm being lax and unproductive. Why? Why does this feeling of not doing enough keep on creeping in? 

I'm not even a perfectionist. Not to myself and certainly not in my expectations of anyone. I'm competitive but not to a fault because I'm often just in competition with myself. Still, I occasionally get the feeling that I'm getting left behind, I'm missing out on things that I should be doing at this age. 

I think it's mostly because I have no standards to live up to, having no physical boss to answer to and no workmates to be my barometer. I work alone. I fail alone. I learn alone. It's a freelancer thing.

I can blame this nagging feeling partly on being 28 - that age when you are teetering at the ripe age of 30 and wondering if you're exactly where you've envisioned yourself to be a decade ago. And if the bar you've set doesn't exactly match your current reality, it eats you up and festers your insides so you become incessantly restless, propelling yourself forward with so much force, you make everyone eat dust in your wake. 

So this weekend is my weekend to deliberate my pace and remind myself that there's no fire. That to slow down a bit and let my meat suit catch up with my brain is a normal and acceptable thing. And one day, when I'm running myself ragged again, I'll read this post and be chided for being too single-minded. But at the same time, this will serve as my figurative pat on the back for living and doing my passions.


  1. Looking adorable as always Kathy :) And it sounds like you've got things figured out… I'm glad that you're doing something you love (and that it's earning you a living, whoo hoo!!) but I think you're right about not running yourself ragged. You've got to allow yourself to rest at least a little or else that passion may just as soon expire.


  2. super cute vintage look! love it <3
    I am your newest follower :)

  3. I love that dress! You look adorable.
    And I totally understand how you feel. The age thing and the work thing... Sigh! Sometimes we all need to slow it down and remember things take time. You write beautifully too! <3

    ~ Anie

  4. omg ur headpiece really bring the outfit to another level! i think i love all dresses that you post lol omg but its true >< well, the positive thing is you have no boss and dosesnt have to compete with the colleagues right ^^ as long as you're truly passionate on what you're doing now, i bet it will worth it!


  5. Soooo cute!
    I nominated you for an award on my blog, hope you can check it out!

  6. Adorable, those shoes are perfection as well. I have been feeling the same way lately too, just so blah. Hopefully we can work and feeling better because it truly sucks! haha




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