Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hey Girl

My laptop is on the verge of dying as I write this. It's making these crazy whirring sounds that's scaring the crap out of me because a.) this is what i need to earn my keep b.) all my work files and outfit photos are kept here and c.) none of those files has been backed up yet. So yes, I really should be thinking of backing up my files now before this tech decides to retire. I'll ask Myk, the boyfriend, a.k.a the laptop doctor, to fix it for me. Having Myk as a boyfriend really comes handy at times like these. I abuse his skills in troubleshooting computers. hehe~ He could earn a fortune fixing my laptop. It has broken down so many times in the past already and he was always the one who comes to its rescue. My hero!

Anyhoo. Thank you, my blogger friends, for all the birthday greetings. I had a great day (but we'll actually be celebrating it tomorrow so I guess that's another story).

Here's week 2 of my 52 Project: Levitation. I actually missed taking it last week but I'm going to make up for the missing week somehow in the next few days.

I'm lacking the wit for a decent blog entry today so I hope these photos will suffice. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. love your shoees !

  2. a different look... eyecatching..

  3. these photos are fantastic! dont be silly!! i adore you blog so much, your style your photos...ahhhh just magic.

    I backed today for the first time funny enough in 4 YEARS?!?! my laptop kept making noises too!! so i figured...i probably should.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow sweetie xxxxx

  4. this retro look is perfection. <3 seriously. and happy belated birthday sweetie!

  5. Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday! I wish I could pull off this outfit as well as you can, absolutely stunning! xx



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