Tuesday, January 7, 2014

52 Project: Levitation Week 1

I've never done a 365 or a 52 project. Well, I've never really been that proactive in blogging. So aside from using existing pieces in my wardrobe and not buying more "new" old stuff, I've also challenged myself with a 52 project: Levitation.

As you can see, it's a pretty crappy first start. hehe~ We originally planned on using a nifty stool. I lugged my tripod around but we just can't find a good spot! Plus, the wind that day made things extra difficult. So we just improvised and I just did my best in looking like I'm levitating.

I definitely need to work on my coordination. And my gracefulness (did God even bestow it to me?). My body is so stiff, I can almost hear my bones creaking whenever I attempt to jump. lol. More practice!


  1. loving this!!! 365 is so hard I commend you!! cute shots!! xxx

  2. Now this is something new, haha! Ganda naman levitations mo e!



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