Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good Times

I wasn't planning on taking outfit pictures today but Myk insisted. So there! I spent the weekend at his place. We cooked and ate a lot of Korean food, with Myk winging his very first bibimbap. He's getting pretty domesticated lately. I wonder if I can get him to do the laundry in the future? hee~

We also grilled fresh scallops and I was quite disappointed because the cheese didn't melt as expected. I really should've bought quick melt cheese for this recipe. On the positive side, the smoked cheddar tasted so well!

We also belted it out at the videoke we rented for the weekend. We monopolized the videoke and after I ran out of 90s songs to sing, I just went ahead and sang Wrecking Ball. haha! Fun! I miss Myk already. T_T. 

It's also getting pretty cold here. We even hit 17 degrees some time last week. It probably doesn't hold a candle to the negative degrees of other countries but here in the tropics, it's unusual and something to revel at. More sweaters!

I'm beat but I'm itching to get back to work tomorrow. It's a weekend well spent. 

Spewing positive vibes to you all! <3 <3 <3

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hey Girl

My laptop is on the verge of dying as I write this. It's making these crazy whirring sounds that's scaring the crap out of me because a.) this is what i need to earn my keep b.) all my work files and outfit photos are kept here and c.) none of those files has been backed up yet. So yes, I really should be thinking of backing up my files now before this tech decides to retire. I'll ask Myk, the boyfriend, a.k.a the laptop doctor, to fix it for me. Having Myk as a boyfriend really comes handy at times like these. I abuse his skills in troubleshooting computers. hehe~ He could earn a fortune fixing my laptop. It has broken down so many times in the past already and he was always the one who comes to its rescue. My hero!

Anyhoo. Thank you, my blogger friends, for all the birthday greetings. I had a great day (but we'll actually be celebrating it tomorrow so I guess that's another story).

Here's week 2 of my 52 Project: Levitation. I actually missed taking it last week but I'm going to make up for the missing week somehow in the next few days.

I'm lacking the wit for a decent blog entry today so I hope these photos will suffice. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Grow From Less of Yourself to More of Yourself

gingham shirt and bag: vintage | cardigan: thrifted | skirt: DIY | shoes: local shop | eyeglasses: Chanel
Is this the part where I lament over the loss of my youth? Because no. I'm not going there. I love birthdays. It reminds me where I am, where I've been and how far I've come from that awkward youth of long ago, trying to find her place in the world.

28 is hardly ancient but I appreciate all the wisdom that comes with it. So let me just take this opportunity to write into words my gratitude for the maker who made my existence a reality, the parents who reared me and loves me unconditionally, the siblings who infuriated me but stuck with me through thick and thin anyway, my special someone who makes even the worst days of my life bearable, the friends who put up with my social ineptitude, the cousins who I draw inspiration from when it comes to learning how to be young again, the random people who touched my life in more ways than one, and you, dear reader, for being a part of my blogging journey. 

I've lost my flair for maudlin speeches but I hope my gratitude and feelings came across. :)

So...about the outfit.

I just realized this but wearing pink when you are fast on your way to saying goodbye to your youth is like a ferocious slap on Aging's face. There has to be a rule somewhere that you can't deck yourself completely in cotton candy pink and establish a semblance of authority, right? But there's just no resisting this pink gingham shirt in the thrift store. It transported me back to those days when pink was my default color (like you can really see me in pink every single day back in college). 

Obviously, my pink-wearing days are behind me. But I occasionally enjoy moments when I can wear this color and actually have fun in it. Also, I had to make a full midi skirt to go with it. Behold my sloppy workmanship but I have to make do with what little sewing skills I have.

Hope you like this outfit!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Inspiration: Flipped

I have more than waxed lyrical about the movie "Flipped". The number of times I have watched it is a testament to how much I love that movie. It's taken a permanent place in my hard drive so I thought it's about time I read the book. 

And man, while the book was brilliant by itself, this is a case of me loving the movie more than the paperback it came from. In my world, that is a rarity. 

Flipped is the quintessential YA. It stars two high school students, Bryce Loski and Julianna Baker, who you get to meet as children and see how they grow in the whole duration of the book. It's an easy read, completely devoid of fluff, quickly pulling you in with its natural conversations and wry wit.

What truly draws me to this book is that right beneath its Young Adult facade lies a deep and thought-provoking plot.

“A painting is more than the sum of its parts,' he would tell me, and then go on to explain how the cow by itself is just a cow, and the meadow by itself is just grass and flowers, and the sun peeking through the trees is just a beam of light, but put them all together and you've got magic.”

It challenges you to think with Bryce Loski. The way he struggled to find his footing in the world he lives in and to reconcile with the imminent changes in his life resonated in me. Even as an adult, it's hard not to relate with him.

“Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss...." He turned to me. "But every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”

Julianna Baker is a brilliant heroine. Headstrong, compassionate, intelligent and unimpressionable.

Like I said, the book is a great read and I'd recommend it any day. But make sure you do not forget to see the movie. They stayed true to the core elements of the book but added some brilliant twists to it. For instance, they set the movie in the 50s and 60s. The 50s and the 60s! It offered the poignant mood that is a part and parcel of the book.

They also cast Callan McAuliffe and Madeline Carroll! I think Bryce had black hair in the book but I can hardly complain about Callan's golden good looks now, can I?

And added to the equation is the beautiful 50s and 60s fashion:

I always walk away with a cornucopia of vintage inspiration whenever I watch this movie. I love Julie's style. She doesn't always relegate herself to dresses and is often seen in cropped high waist pants and button down shirts. You might see me in something similar pretty soon.

The dresses speak for themselves. I mean, is there really something bad that can be said about 50s and 60s dresses? And don't get me started on the plaids. There's always something plaid to ogle at.

Go read the book and then watch the movie if you haven't yet. It's definitely worth your while.

52 Project: Levitation Week 1

I've never done a 365 or a 52 project. Well, I've never really been that proactive in blogging. So aside from using existing pieces in my wardrobe and not buying more "new" old stuff, I've also challenged myself with a 52 project: Levitation.

As you can see, it's a pretty crappy first start. hehe~ We originally planned on using a nifty stool. I lugged my tripod around but we just can't find a good spot! Plus, the wind that day made things extra difficult. So we just improvised and I just did my best in looking like I'm levitating.

I definitely need to work on my coordination. And my gracefulness (did God even bestow it to me?). My body is so stiff, I can almost hear my bones creaking whenever I attempt to jump. lol. More practice!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preppy Girl Through and Through

Shoes: local store | Bag:| Eyewear: Chanel | Everything else: thrifted

First 2014 post! I'm so stoked because I've never kept a blog this long. I always find myself fleeting from one blog to another since I discovered the blogosphere back in 2004.

Anyway, how was your New Year's Eve celebration? I spent it in the comforts of my home, shivering in fear. Kidding! Okay, maybe there's some truth to that. You see, lighting up firecrackers is a NYE tradition in the Philippines because the noise is supposed to drive away the evils lurking everywhere. But firecrackers are dangerous and they cause one too many accidents. That includes fires and people getting their hand amputated after lighting up a defective firecracker. Sounds morbid? Wait till you hear about crazy people who have guns and shooting them in the air. Stray bullets will wind up in someone else's home, and if they're unlucky, someone will get hit. Last time I checked, two babies already died after being hit in the head by stray bullets. The firecrackers I can avoid but stray bullets?

I'm starting my blog on a negative note, I know, but really, someone in our government has to do something about this. Firecrackers during NYE are no longer fun, especially since they camouflage the noise of guns, which are clearly more life-threatening.

Anyway, on to a more positive, more style blog-worthy post: this outfit for today. It's a bit windy today, hence the varsity sweater. I'm really such a sucker for varsity sweaters and I squealed a little bit when I saw this one. Wore it with the plaid skirt I've been meaning to wear for quite some time now. 

This year, I'm challenging myself to come up with new looks using old stuff in my closet. Most of my clothes only get to be worn once so that clearly has to change. I'm really hoping I can stick to that resolution.

I love fresh starts and clean slates! It's like you've been absolved of all your shortcomings. January is also my birthday month so it's clearly a great month for changes and new resolutions. 

What about you guys? What are you trying to accomplish this year? 


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