Monday, December 2, 2013

Travel: Vigan 2013 Part 1

This, right here, is my Vigan 2013 travel photo dump. Posting 50+ photos in one blog entry is ambitious so I'm going to divide it into three separate posts.

Myk and I have been planning this trip for, like, forever. We finally decided to push it through.  

Just a bit of info for my foreign readers. Vigan is located far North of the Philippines. It is best known for its old houses and churches and cobblestone streets, built and developed during the Spanish occupation in the 16th century. Now, it is considered one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites.

Horse carriages are commonplace in Vigan. You can tour around the area and nearby tourist spots by hiring a hackney. An hour costs 150 php.

The famous Vigan empanada. We, Ilocanos, are pretty used to the taste of empanada. But here in Vigan,they sell the white dough variety. I like this dough better because it is crispier but I prefer the chewy texture of the shredded papaya in the orange dough variety.

We ate our dinner and 2nd day lunch in here. Food was okay but if you are really hungry and don't fancy waiting for a long time, better dine elsewhere. Their service is really slow. The lighting inside is also deplorable so you can't take good photos.

We stayed at Cordillera Inn, a heritage house turned into an inn. The place was really nice and neat. Nothing too fancy but everything was comfortable.

And here's my travel outfit. I'm so glad I wore this skirt. We roamed around Vigan and nearby towns in the heat of the afternoon sun so it was nice to have a skirt that didn't feel constricting and stuffy. Plus, it has this gorgeous plaid print and full circle shape that I really love.

I love pretty signages!

 Took photos in front of doors, much to the bafflement of people around.

Us being touristy.

The day I was photobombed by a horse. Only in Vigan. 

Look at their McDonald's! Every establishment here looks like this so they will fit in the whole old world charm of Vigan.

One of the many old churches we visited.

They already have their Christmas tree set up and it looks fab! Nothing like your ordinary Christmas tree, eh?

Took photos in front of the dancing fountain. This is spectacular at night. You can check my instagram for an instavideo of the dancing fountain in action although that was just a dry run. The official "performance" was the night we left.

So there! More photos in the next posts. I'm so laggy and sluggish after a long day of work, that I feel physically dead. I'll just go crawl in my bed and get some book interlude before sleeping. Good night, everyone!


  1. What a lovely place! Its nice to be a tourist really
    and omgosh you look cute! I love your checkered
    skirt c: I love the shops and their stuff, it looks
    all retro-ish! Xx

  2. Hahahah that photobombing horse is priceless; glad that happened. It looks like you had a wonderful time though and it looks like a beautiful place in general :)


  3. Fabulous photos my dear! You are too adorable and I absolutely love everything about your outfit. <3 xoxo

  4. Just so you know, all your travel photos make me want to visit The Philipines sometime soon!
    Vigan seems like an incredible place! The McDonald's and christmas tree is just amazing. You actually looked like you just went back in time. It's so awesome!
    HAHAHA LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN YOU GOT PHOTOBOMBED BY THAT HORSE! Also, cute and practical outfit. Falling so hard for your skirt ;)

  5. Your outfit is super cute! Lovely collection of photos from your trip. Vigan looks like a really nice place to visit. The horse photobombing you was a funny little break in your series of gorgeous photos. I look forward to seeing more in your next post. :)

  6. What a unique place, this seems to be! I love your skirt!

  7. it looks like you had such a great time! I can't wait for the remaining two parts of your photos!
    love your skirt by the way! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  8. Love your pictures Kat!
    A little trivia hehe, Vigan empanada's crust is made from rice flour kaya it's crispier than Batac's which uses regular flour. For some reason, I prefer Vigan's more except that it's not as stuffy as Batac's. Might be because of their lasona vinegar.

    1. Thanks Karen! Ooh kaya pala. I can eat the white dough alone. Parang chips eh. Though i prefer Batac's stuffing. Batac nga pala yung orange dough nun. Hehe. Thanks for the info Karen!



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