Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Something Always Brings Me Back To You

After my blogging roll last month, I've used up my creative juices so much that things have slowed down in this blog this month. Lately, I've also been rethinking my blogging content. There are times when I just want to leave this space, but I know that someday, I'd need an outlet for when I want to channel my pent-up creativity. So here I am, still hanging on. 

This month marks my blog's two-year anniversary too so it's making me want to introduce more of the "my peach days" part - the part where I post random things about my life, upload random photos that have nothing to do with style and fashion or just plain put up a rant because heck, that's what blogging is all about and I'm tired of always having to filter things for fear of losing audience.

So hopefully, I'll be posting more stuff that lets you in on my world and write stuff people won't probably care about. So anyway here's my outfit from last saturday. I've taken a bit of break from my vintage stuff just because I wanted to wear this hat so badly and it wouldn't really fit in my current vintage coordinates. 

Also, you probably have heard of the recent super typhoon that devastated the southern part of my country. Typhoon Yolanda left many homes in shambles and many people dead or missing a loved one. It's the most tragic thing that has ever happened in the Philippines since the killer quake decades ago. 

If any of you wants to donate, I'm sure you can find many organizations accepting donations. You can check out the ones located in your country if there are any. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


  1. You really look adorable, I love that cute hat!


  2. My condolences for the typhoon. It was a huge one. Did your area or your loved ones' areas get affected?

  3. such a cute look!!! love love love <33
    do you mind to follow each other? :)


  4. your tee is so incredible! love the eclectic styling on this outfit, you look so cute!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  5. is a very comfortable outfit yet stylish ... I'm sorry about what has happened in the Philippines, I know what it is to feel a sense of devastation and people like zombies through the streets to see tragedies because of nature, in their blog content, it would be great to see more of you in your life .

  6. I happy to hear that you're okay Kathy and know that there are SO many people in the world hurting for the Philippines and the innocent lives lost. I hope that things can somehow be salvaged and that donations keep being made. Thinking of you Kathy!! :)




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