Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Top and skirt: Thrifted | Hair bow: gift from my sister (she got it from Accessorize, i think?) |  Bag: gift from my mom | Shoes: local store

Myk told me one time that he hasn't seen me wear my clothes twice.This outfit will prove him wrong. hehe. This is a skirt I like to wear over and over again just because it makes me feel feminine - at least more feminine than your usual skirt. It's in the boxy pleats, I suppose, which is a skirt silhouette and design that is both current and romantically dated.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't spend so much on clothes. Not in comparison to how other people spend anyway. Other people probably shell out a thousand pesos for a high street brand of clothing but that amount of money could already earn me a sack of thrifted or vintage clothing that will give me brand new ensembles for about a month (because I work from home and I go out two or three times a week only).

Recently, I stocked up on knitted tops of various colors so I now have a flexible wardrobe where I can mix and match to no end. The trick there is knowing what your style is and what works for you. I'm not really much of a trend-follower fashion-wise and I generally stick to my aesthetic (which is usually 50s or 60s vintage and preppy). I regularly curate my wardrobe so stuff that I don't see myself wearing in the future goes to my relatives. So that myth that I'm an incurable shopaholic? Not true at all. I just know where to shop and what to shop. And I have no qualms acquiring second hand items. I grew up being the recipient of hand-me-downs.

The most I spend on is shoes. One needs a nice, sturdy pair although I wouldn't mind taking home a pair of vintage Ferragamo like I did one time. But because I don't often go out, I am trying to curtail my shoe shopping habits. 

So bottom line is, this blog caters to people who are looking for fashion or style inspiration but doesn't have the money to buy things incessantly. It's really nice to shop for new stuff but if you don't have the money for it, don't put yourself in a financial rut just to look like your favorite blogger. Everyone has a different lifestyle. Inspiration is key.

PS: I DIY-ed that tablet case from a worn out floral leather handbag. I got the bow from an old berriboned belt. Is it cute? I really like how it turned out.


  1. i rlly love your plaid skirt! and yes, fashion is not all about high street brand. knowing the style that suits you is important indeed :) anyways i always adore your pic tone and quality!><

  2. Oh I don't think you shop too much (though I don't know you IRL). But you always manage to look adorable in your thrifted items :>

  3. Beautiful! Love all these pastels and the pop of red!

    xox Sammi

  4. you're sweet and lovely!!!...i love your blog!

  5. AMEN. Sums up my feelings on clothing exactly... we are kindred thrift spirits Kathy!! The hair bow really pulls this outfit together somehow (I think it's the added feminine playfulness) and your D.I.Y. tablet case is adorable :)


  6. Hattitude Style Blog

    the tablet case is SO cute kathy! i also don't spend too much on clothes, but a good pair of shoes and other accessories is where I will spend my money.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

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