Friday, September 13, 2013

Visiting Camp John Hay

Well hello! It's another Baguio getaway trip post. We actually went here just for the food. Myk and I have been craving Samgyeopsal for a while and we couldn't take the lure anymore so we decided to just go ahead and have some there even if it's not yet the end of the week.

I underestimated the weather because it was cold! I didn't bring anything to fend off the cold except for this frail excuse for a cardigan and my knee-high socks. The knee-high socks served well in keeping me warm though.

Cardigan, top, skirt: all thrifted | Shoes: from a local store | Bag: Fashion 71| Eyeglasses: Chanel

This top has the cutest collar! It has cat embroidery that reminds me so much of the Miu Miu cat collars that were all the rage a couple of seasons ago.

While taking photos around Camp John Hay, we came across this stray cat. We figured it isn't really a stray since he/she looks so well-fed.

Creepy house at Camp John Hay.

There's a mini Statue of Liberty there!

Myk posing in front of it.

Myk's idea of a pose. lol!

We went here to sample Mochiko but had a bit of a hard time finding the store. The place was so huge. We had to do some serious walking and in the midst of it, we were caught in a heavy downpour. By the time we found the Mochiko store, we were already soaked. It was fun though.

I love the photos taken with the all those pine trees in the background. We don't have that back home. Someday, I'd like to buy a small, picturesque place in Baguio and spend a lot of time there. It feels like a second home already especially with all the memories I share with Myk.


  1. these photos are beautiful and your outfit is so adorable. I'm glad you had a good time. I imagine buying a place there would make the perfect getaway.

    Francesca xo

  2. your photos are always pretty :) i love your outfit too! really sweet and stunning! :) hope you enjoyed Baguio :D


  3. lovely! :D seems you had a nice gateaway. :D


  4. I absolutely love your look in this outfit and the feel of the settings is without a doubt refreshing. Myk looks a whole lot like my boyfriend. Haha XD

    1. Thanks dear! and haha I'll mention that to Myk. :)

  5. Lovely this! What a love,
    shall we follow by facebook and bloglovin?

  6. This outfit is perfect for the season! And the little cats on the collar is so cute! :) I love the setting, too. The trees look so nice.

  7. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  8. aww you always look so cute, Kathy! I am efinitely loving that first photo, it's gorgeous! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming



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