Friday, September 27, 2013

Oscillate Wildly

top and skirt: vintage | sneakers: local store | bag: vintage | hair bow: local store | glasses: Chanel

You know what irks me the most? It's when you are feeling low and people tell you that you have no right to feel down because you have it going easy compared to other "less fortunate" beings. They're right, of course. I, too, despise people who complain like there's no tomorrow over the most trifling things when in fact, they have so much to be thankful for. 

However, there's no telling how strong or weak a person is. Just because you are living a privileged or a relatively comfortable life doesn't mean your pain isn't real. So I say this to people who are sad but feel guilty about it: don't. Just don't. Feel sad, by all means. Cry if it makes you feel better. Let yourself run through the course and take your time bouncing back. You are, after all, human. You are entitled to your occasional human lapses.


  1. i really love how you combine midi skirt and sneakers, kathy! always adore your outfit and the picture's tone ><
    uhm yes, sometimes when ppl saying that we have no rights to feel down its just...kinda annoys me. i mean even we know that there are more less fortune beings it doesn't change the fact that you're feeling down. I think we shouldn't just see a matter only from our point of view.


  2. I see your point and I hate it too sometimes. You know, don't kick a girl when she's down. But some people needed to be told this just to realise how blessed they are. But when you're down just for a short period of time, you should be allowed your time.

  3. so cute! Love red/black/white combo!


  4. I through that a lot. I used to cry and cry and cry and they just said "be grateful with what you have!" I know that for crying out loud. It's not like I'm not feeling blessed with all I have. But sometimes, we also feel some pain that makes us just want to cry. We're human and feeling pain is normal.
    By the way, your cheerful outfits reminf me of myself when I was in elementary school. Such a good life back then :')

    would you mind to follow each other? I will be so glad if you would :) Please let me know

  5. aww I am so so in love with your skirt, that print is amazing! :) you look lovely!
    You're absolutely right... no matter the fact there's always someone worse, we all have the right to feel sad! I hope you're doing fine, lady!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  6. well said! and I love this outfit and mood here!

  7. your blog and looks are adorable!!!



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