Friday, September 13, 2013

Korean Restaurants in Baguio - Wood Nymph, Red Station and Chil Cheon Gak Review

If you are anything like me and you are heavily influenced by the copious Kpop artists you follow and Korean dramas you watch, you probably drool over the many foods they eat. Watching Running Man alone has caused many a delirious nights of craving Korean food.

This has caused us to start hunting for the best Korean restaurants in Baguio (because there is a painful lack of it here in San Fernando). We've managed to visit three different Korean restaurants in Baguio - Wood Nymph, Red Station and Chil Cheon Gak this year alone. So for the benefit of those who are also searching for a great Korean Restaurant in Baguio, I decided to make this review.

Chil Cheon Gak Korean Restaurant 
Where: #12 Legarda Road
It's in the second floor of Lindi Hotel

This was our first stop during our recent Baguio weekend getaway. Since we are crazy over Samgyeopsal, we ordered two sets of it. Samgyeopsal and  Jajjangmyeon are the only two things we ordered in those restaurants though so the comparison is only for these foods and their overall service.

In Chil Cheon Gak, you can only order a minimum of two sets for the grilled stuff. But take note, their serving size is hefty! We didn't finish ours and neither did the group of girls who were behind us. The serving size would definitely make a group happy. And it was cheap. One set costs 200 php only - comparatively cheaper than the rest!

We were happy with the side dishes included. The pajoori (spring onions with sesame seeds and hot pepper paste) also includes bits of Baguio cabbage leaves. The big platter was a surprise considering many Korean restaurants only serve pajoori in small platters. But since I love pajoori, I was stoked!

The whole set includes ssamjang, pickled radish, kimchi, veggie salad, small pancakes, garlic, onion and potato. It was delish! My only gripe is that they didn't include sliced chilis and bean sprouts.

I also ordered Jajjangmyeon because I was craving after seeing Crayon Pop's alternate video for their song Bar Bar Bar. I was already stuffed with the samgyeopsal but I really just had to make room for this. Easily the best Jajjangmyeon I've ever tasted! The black bean sauce is sweet and savory at the same time and the noodle is chewy. It costs around 190, i think. That's already a huge bowl that a group of 4 can easily share.

Interior and Ambience: The interior looks like a typical Korean Restaurant - filled with long tables and chairs. When you order their grilled foods, a grill will be set up on your table and you are free to cook your meat. Each table also has a buzzer so you can just buzz their waiters/waitresses if you need anything. It's very convenient. They also have low tables where you can just take off your shoes, squat and enjoy authentic Korean dining. 

Red Station Korean Restaurant
Address: Legarda Road, Baguio City
Just in front of Chil Cheon Gak

We went here just a month ago and you can check out the photos here. We also ordered Samgyeopsal which was about the same price as the set in Chil Cheon Gak. Minimum already is also two sets but the serving for each set is smaller than the one in Chil Cheon Gak. Two people can finish two servings if you are quite famished (we were at that time).

Pickled radish and pajoori are missing in their sets but they serve free Kimchi Chigae (at least I thought that was Kimchi Chigae, I didn't bother asking). We loved the fare. Myk loved the chigae and even craved for it.

Interior and Ambience: The interior was actually very nice. Everything is made from wood and there are also low tables if you wish to eat your food while sitting on the floor like what Koreans do.

Wood Nymph Korean Restaurant
Address: Military Cut Off, Baguio City

I already blogged about Wood Nymph. You can read it here. I didn't really love my experience here. They didn't allow us to cook our own Samgyeopsal. Instead, we were assisted by one of their waitresses so the overall experience wasn't one to remember. They offered a lot of side dishes for their samgyeopsal though so that part was okay.

Unfortunately, I didn't like their Jajjangmyeon. The serving was huge, probably good for 4 people but I just didn't enjoy the taste. It wasn't anything like the one I had at Chil Cheon Gak.

Interior and Ambience: The place was open, which was good because I was suffering a bit from my vertigo that time and needed the fresh air. Unfortunately though, flies also came visiting so you have to pay extra attention in swatting them away and keeping them away from your food.

Verdict: I'll choose Chil Cheon Gak. The quality and serving size of food along with good service and nice interior helped them win in my book.

I hope you guys thinking of visiting Baguio and eating in the number of Korean restaurants there will find this review helpful. Myk and I will try to visit more and order other fares to compare.



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