Saturday, July 6, 2013

Archie Comics-Inspired Outfit

I've been reading Archie Comics since I was in grade school but most of my comics seem to have lost, others confiscated by our grade school teacher who forbid reading comics even during recess. I never understood why. Archie helped harness my English communication skills and is probably one of the things that contributed to me being awarded "Most Articulate" back in the 6th grade.

While shopping for new books two weeks ago, I saw this at the best seller section. It's the Best of Archie, a compilation of the most meaningful and most endearing stories from the time of its inception in the 40's until today. Featured are stories of how Archie met both Betty and Veronica. You can see the evolution of the characters - from their fashion to their actual physical attributes.

I love this compilation so much because it was brought together by the people who worked for Archie Comics over the years. It also includes the writers', readers', editors' and illustrators' thoughts about the stories and why they felt the need to include the stories they picked in this over 400-page book. 

Even some of the people we look up to in the comics and writing industry such as Stan Lee and Stephen King are self-confessed fans of Archie. They also had a hand in picking some of the stories. 

Another thing I like about this is that it offers brief information on America's economy and pop culture from 1940's to present and how these important events affected the comics. It's a feel-good read.

Whenever I think about Archie Comics, I think about colorful retro clothes. And this outfit was inspired by the colorful pages of Archie. I love the fashion of the girls during the 50's and 60'. They always look so dapper in their dresses. 

I look drenched in sweat in some of the photos because I really was. It was too hot an afternoon to go riding a bike. But I suppose after looking at these photos, it was well worth it. :)


  1. i love your hair and skirt! lovely :) and of course , i love archie! :)

  2. You look so adorable, and I can definitely see the Archie inspiration! I simply love that yellow skirt, and the short sleeved sweater is a perfect complement. And your bike is so cute! I used to love reading these comics, too. I always wanted to be Veronica! :)

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks Sammi! ♥ I wanted Betty for Archie but i'm a fan of Veronica's outfits. :)

  3. You are just so adorable! I love your cute bike and basket and your yellow pleated skirt!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. I am still LOVING your hair like this Kathy; it's SO cute and makes me want to chop mine as well (especially in this heat!) haha! :) And I can't believe your teacher forbade you reading comics?? Makes no sense, especially when they're fabulous like you said. I grew up the Archie, Betty, and Veronica!! :)


  5. so cute! I don't know who Archie is but I love your outfit! ;-)

    Francesca xo

  6. I am so much loving your combination of blue and yellow, it's perfect! :)
    plus, I want your bike, it's gorgeous!

    Drawing Dreaming

  7. d'awww archie!! that's SUCH a fun book- i'd love to see how that story progressed and things started evolving. i LOVED those comics as a little kid, and i clearly remember reading them on our porch, haha. also, this is the sweetest outfit that i've seen all day!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Looking very cute dear...nice outfit,wonderful designer footwear !!

  9. Very pretty combination of outfit...I love your Suede Shoes too..looks awesome on you!!

  10. You are the only person I have ever heard who reads Archie Comics. I have been reading them since I was about 7 or 8 and LOVE them!!!! I noticed the ORIGINAL OLD Archie comics are for sale in book form now too and I am hoping to read them sometime! You look amazing! Love this outfit!



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