Thursday, June 20, 2013

Enchanted Kingdom June 2013

I've been away on a 5-day vacation. We went to see CNBlue's first concert here in the Philippines (will blog about that soon). While we were still reeling from the exquisite performance of CNBlue the night before, we woke up early the next day to go to a nearby amusement park. We took the 35-minute shuttle service ride to go to Enchanted Kingdom. The last time I was here was way back college. I was with Myk then too though he wasn't my boyfriend yet.

Whenever I travel, I make sure I wear comfortable clothes. I'd hate to be a bother to everyone by complaining about my clothing discomforts. Thrifted this oversized houndstooth print shirt and equally oversized Levis shorts a few days before our trip.

Don't be deceived by this hot air balloon ride. It's quite thrilling. After this, I needed my seabands. lol!

I tried riding this 7 years ago and vowed never to repeat the experience again. This looks tame (like an oversized swing or something) but it's actually very intense. Before heading home, two girls braved the ride. Only two of them were in it as it was already near closing them. They only got until the third swing when they screamed for the operator to stop the ride.

This was the time when I regretted not wearing a 50's or 60's dress! That would have fit right in the old Hollywood vibe of this street. Next time!

Myk checking out the map.

Flying Fiesta! I really love this. It makes me feel like I can fly or something.

I'm a huge fan of horror movies. Like if there's a local or international horror movie showing, I'd go and watch it. And then I scare myself out with my vivid imagination. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was getting in the horror house. It was pretty scary! I screamed the whole walk inside. The set was pretty creepy. I get scared easily so I think the staff loved me. haha. Their scaring tactics worked on me!

Nope didn't try the Space Shuttle. I didn't trust myself to stay conscious during the ride and I don't want to burden my companions with my prostrate body afterwards. I'll make myself healthier first before I try this the next time. hehe!

We were so lucky that day because the crowd was bearable. If it were some time in April or May, it would have been jam-packed and we would have been stuck in the Ferris Wheel line for hours! As it turned out, we rode this twice. Once in the afternoon and again in the evening to see the lights!

Me being all touristy.

Already wearing my seabands here. lol! I tried fishing to win a large stuffed toy but ended up winning a small stuffed crayon. I like it though.

This was fun although my hands ached from fighting the momentum so much. 

There was a show and a fireworks display that night. Lucky!

Bye EK! We really enjoyed our time here. 'Till next time!


  1. These photos are so sweet. I love your outfit as always :-)

    Francesca xo

  2. This looks like so much fun!


  3. Still sooooo jealous about your HK trip!!!!!

  4. Love your outfit--it looks super comfortable! But a 50s or 60s dress would have looked amazing with the vintage feel of the background :)

  5. nice photos! your outfit is really cute!

  6. wow this looks like such a cool place! is this a sort of themed park? I'd love to visit it!
    I totally understand you, when travelling I just want comfortable clothes... you look pretty amazing though, I love yout top! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  7. Your photos are also magical!



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