Sunday, May 26, 2013

Logos Hope

A few days ago, Logos Hope, one of the cruise ships/ floating bookstore from GBAShips docked in our little city. As I wasn't able to visit the first time their ship visited here (i think that was in 1996), I made an effort to go this time. It was an unbelievably hot afternoon but many people amped their tolerance for heat to visit this floating bookstore. It was jam-packed with people, mostly children, who were probably shopping for school stuff as school starts in a few weeks here.

So there was an orientation of sorts before being allowed to go in.

This is my idea of heaven! I promised myself the next time I go to a bookstore, I'd get more classics to add to my collection. I immediately zoned in on the classics section where I purchased The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Anne of Green Gables. I was seriously lusting after those Nancy Drew hardbounds but I figured I'd get them cheaper on eBay. I regret not getting Sherlock Holmes and anything Charles Dickens though.

So sorry for the blurry photos. My sister is seriously myopic. lol.

This Korean crew was very popular. We had to wait in line for our photo opportunity. Love her hanbok!

Going home with my book haul. If you guys from San Fernando spotted a girl in a vintage frock earlier today, that was me! lol. I promise to post proper outfit photos next week! Have a great weekend.


  1. What adorable photos! It looks like a great day!


  2. OHMERGAHD!!!!! OMG! OMG! I am s inggit. :(( huhu. buti ka pa. I really really want to experience a floating bookstore and shop for books 'til I drop! Girl! let's hang-out in a bookshop! game? haha! Or watch and do a movie marathon of the classics! haha. But I'm from Manila. heh. anyway, how much is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? :) I really want to buy it and add it to my collection as well! :) May twitter ka fellow vintage girl? :")


  3. the pictures look amazing! very beautiful. you look amazing :)
    I hope I can visit a floating bookstore myself one day :)
    have a nice day ♥

  4. Oh my gosh, this looks so wonderful!! What a great time that must have been :) And, of course, I have to add that you look stinking adorable as always; love the vintage dress on you!


  5. Holy moly, a floating bookstore! Wow.
    I'd love to visit this enormous ship c:
    You look nice btw! Xx

  6. love your vintage dress!<3 really cool shots! and i love the quote, life is a journey indeed :)

  7. Are you from San Fernando too...

    Hindi ko nakita yung Korean crew sayang.. :D



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