Sunday, May 26, 2013

Logos Hope

A few days ago, Logos Hope, one of the cruise ships/ floating bookstore from GBAShips docked in our little city. As I wasn't able to visit the first time their ship visited here (i think that was in 1996), I made an effort to go this time. It was an unbelievably hot afternoon but many people amped their tolerance for heat to visit this floating bookstore. It was jam-packed with people, mostly children, who were probably shopping for school stuff as school starts in a few weeks here.

So there was an orientation of sorts before being allowed to go in.

This is my idea of heaven! I promised myself the next time I go to a bookstore, I'd get more classics to add to my collection. I immediately zoned in on the classics section where I purchased The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Anne of Green Gables. I was seriously lusting after those Nancy Drew hardbounds but I figured I'd get them cheaper on eBay. I regret not getting Sherlock Holmes and anything Charles Dickens though.

So sorry for the blurry photos. My sister is seriously myopic. lol.

This Korean crew was very popular. We had to wait in line for our photo opportunity. Love her hanbok!

Going home with my book haul. If you guys from San Fernando spotted a girl in a vintage frock earlier today, that was me! lol. I promise to post proper outfit photos next week! Have a great weekend.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chasing After Summer

Weekend! This week was especially grueling. Schedule crammed with freelancing projects. I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Again. Channeling my inner super woman.

Just one photo with me and my bike because taking photos on the side of the road with curious passersby and neighbors looking on makes me feel excessively vain.

How are you guys? Hope you all are doing wonderful. Enjoy your weekend! <3

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Got Used To Being Alienated

Where I live, there's a myth that when the day is both rainy and sunny, there are dwarves (sometimes even half-horse and half-human creatures) getting married. There must have been an army of mythical creatures getting hitched today because the weather was crazy bipolar. It was drizzling a little bit but the temperature was hot enough to warrant two cones of ice cream, two bottles of drinking water, sandals, and a bustier dress.

This is my idea of easy dressing. You've seen this plaid dress already but this is the only thing I felt like wearing today. You know. Women and PMS. Urgh. I know. Too. Much. Information. I fail as a responsible blogger. lol!

Moving on...

About the title. You know how sometimes you are surrounded with people (sometimes with friends) and you are stuck in one corner, feeling terribly alienated, unable to fit in and relate? That kind of feeling has been niggling at the pit of my gut for days. 

I avidly follow a local blogger named Regina (who I really admire because of her writing chops) and she recently came up with a short post that goes like this: Manila is a city of too many casual acquaintances and not nearly enough friends. It’s lonely. How do you even begin to create something meaningful here?

It struck close to home.

A lot of people I know add me up on Facebook but I end up ignoring their requests. Recently, I filtered my posts to only show to my closest friends. Yes, the ones I frequently communicate with and not just the farce of Facebook friendship. I had to linger on some of the names because I used to be close to them but not anymore and I had no idea how to categorize them in my life. Are they still friends? Or have they been reduced to acquaintances?

Like what Regina said, it's lonely. But you know what? It's revealing. At least you get to figure out which friends are really for keeps. You get to figure out that it's okay to have a falling out with some of the people you were close to in the past.

I talked to a very close friend of mine about this today and realized, hey, I have someone. She feels this too and agrees wholeheartedly. And then I didn't feel so alone anymore (misery loves company, I know!). I always have Myk but there are things only girl friends can lament over.

People change. That's something that remains constant. But no longer will I bludgeon my head and torture myself with the idea of clinging on to past memories and forcing myself to be friends with people who don't, in truth, have any desire to play a significant role in my life.

God that was a load off of my chest! I'm glad I did this post.Who knew it will take one blog post and one chat with a close friend to set me to rights?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rainbow Houndstooth

We just discovered a new spot to take photos at. It's a sanctuary. As to what sort of creature it is harboring, the signage didn't say. The place was deserted save for a creepy guy lurking in one of the shrubberies. I would have been spooked except that the guy was wearing a uniform of a local electric company. 

I was still a little creeped out though and told Myk the place looks like the setting of a serial killer movie where a group of friends stops by a deserted town only to disappear one by one. Guts spill, heads roll and everyone bathes in blood. I know. I watch way too many macabre films.

For what it's worth, the place looks like a sanctuary for birds. We also heard something hooting from a distance. 

Anyway, we just took photos at the entrance. This is probably the most colorful I've been in, like, ages. I can't remember the last time I wore this shade of pink. Back in college, pink was my default color. But now, this is the most scarce color in my wardrobe. I like wearing reds and yellows and blues more now. But it's nice to find out if this color still works on me. 

I thrifted this rainbow houndstooth jacket that is obviously too large for me last week. I will resize it in the future but for now, it will do.

And since you guys liked my curly hair in my previous post, I decided to curl it again today but only to regret it a few hours later when I was outdoors, drenched in sweat, feeling gross and looking unkempt. I should've sported an updo.

Salmon Rigatoni and Dory Coujons. In an effort to adopt healthier eating habits, I just recently decided to become a pesco-vegetarian. I've been avoiding red meat like the plague. But it's so hard when everyone around me is a red meat eater! So far, so good though.

I don't peg myself as a beach person. In fact, I'd rather be in an amusement park than a beach. But lately, I've been wanting to have a beach weekend getaway again, especially since I recently acquired a cute red and polka dot pin-up swimsuit. Ugh. I'm obsessed with this kind of swimsuit.

Well that was a long post. I hope you guys didn't get bored. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


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