Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This white blazer again. And this coke tote. And this pineapple print dress you might recall I wore in this post. And you might be sick of me wearing my white sunnies. I know I am. 

This is a residue from our beach weekend getaway. I didn't bring a lot of things in an effort to curtail my luggage weight. The trick is in coordinating beforehand, I reckon.

The dress morphed into a smaller piece because I felt like I own too many maxi dresses and the material of the dress is weighing me down a tad. I like it better short.

Sometimes, it's wonderful to shop in your own closet and rediscover old finds.

Also, my blog is a dot com now. Myk got me my own domain name. Sankyu heaps!


  1. I love your ladylike jacket. And I'm jealous you get to wear sundresses already!


  2. Hattitude Style Blog

    ahhh awesome about the domain name! I have been thinking of investing in one for awhile.
    loooove this pineapple print dress. You're so adorable. and I LIKE The white tennis shoes!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  3. adorable dress!

    btw, I have a great giveaway on my blog, you can win 50 $ to spend on jewellery. Check it out here: http://livinginash0e.blogspot.ro/2013/04/haute1-jewelery-giveaway-international.html

  4. so in love with that jacket... <3




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