Monday, April 15, 2013

Beach Visuals/Photo Diary Part 1

Myk and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last April 9! I can't believe we made it through the bitter fights, the random lulls and what-not of our relationship. I guess love really isn't just a feeling. It's also an ability. Happy 7th to my lovey.

And here are some photos of our beach weekend getaway. If you are following me on instagram (@mypeachdays), you might have seen some of these photos already. Looking at them makes me want to go back and have that burger again.

We frequent this resort called Sunset Bay. We were there last December and again last Valentine's Day because the food is just awesome! I think the people there already know us, especially the waitress who often takes our orders. 

Myk wanted to drink melon shake but it's not on the menu. The waitress remembered they have melon in their pantry reserved for their boss. But their boss kindly offered it to us so yay! Special melon shake! The most delicious one we have ever tasted. And they have the best Dory Goujons too! Ugh, I ended up making myself hungry. 

Hope you like this photo diary featuring myself in a retro swimwear and retro everything. hehe~. Leaving you with this image:


  1. Haha I love that last image!! Seriously you two look so happy together so congrats on seven years (that truly is an amazing accomplishment!! Love really isn't just a feeling but it's also a whole different way of living/acting/thinking like you said)! :)
    And your swimsuit is ADORABLE by the way. Like I always say: cutie patootie. And that food? YUM. Wonderful post as always Kathy!!


  2. Congratulations on 7 years! That's such an amazing accomplishment :) I know how hard it can be, my bf and I will celebrate 6 years this year!

    All these photos are adorable, love your outfits!

    Carmen Ri.

  3. awww I love your outfits here, especially the red one!

    also, happy anniversary!

  4. Hi let me know If you want to follow each other :)

  5. Beautiful photos! That swimsuit is awesome on you, and that burger is making me hungry! I want to try that melon shake :)

    xox Sammi

  6. seven years! oh my gosh, how amazing! congrats to both of you! i am also in love with your swimsuit.. the cutest!

    you know, i am always happy to have another penpal! i want to have penpals from all different countries (i have one in Argentina now!). shoot me an email if you'd like, it would be so much fun! (

    lindsey louise

  7. Inspire me to get cute outfits and go to the beach!
    You have my body type!!!



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