Saturday, March 23, 2013

Summer Rain

As if my wardrobe isn't saturated with floral print already, I added another one. Got this vintage dress from a flea market while they were closing and I passed by just in time to snag it. I had to resize it but it still looked drop-waisted. I love it though.

I mentioned before that I am a collector of a myriad of things. I've started collecting crystals just recently. Myk actually influenced me on this as he is a fan of spiritual and meditation stuff. He told me how crystals can aid meditation and how there's a particular benefit to different kinds of crystals. 

I already have tourmaline, jade and one other crystal whose name I forgot. I got this amethyst gemstone during our last trip to Baguio. The seller mostly talked about how it can be beneficial for wealth and love but after googling it, I found out it has a more profound benefit - mostly health benefits. 

Tourmaline used to be my favorite because of its benefits to the health but I think Amethyst trumps those by a LOT! Aside from being helpful in reducing radiation effects (great for people who are always in front of the computer, hello there bloggers!), increasing energy levels when you are fatigued, getting rid of depressive emotions and avoiding mental disorders, it is also purportedly helpful in improving sleep (i should give this to Myk who is perpetually plagued with sleeplessness, methinks), staving off aging, boosting positive feelings and harnessing body circulation. 

I can vouch for its efficacy. Gemstones, like herbs, are here for a reason. More than decorative purposes, they do help a person a lot so I definitely recommend collecting them. Just keep them on your work table like what I do or wear them as an accessory. Recharge them occasionally by exposing them to sunlight.

Okay, I think I blabbed enough about gemstones. lol! I hope you guys weren't bored. 

The color of amethyst made it the perfect accessory for today's outfit. Threw in my floral hair crown, which coincidentally looks like the print of my dress and I was all set to brighten up a rather gloomy afternoon. It rained late in the afternoon, filling the air with the musty smell of damp earth and dispersing the scorching heat. I love summer rains!


  1. ah, you always wear the best dresses! gemstones are really interesting, i honestly did not know that much about them, so thanks for sharing!

    lindsey louise

  2. I love when you ramble about these little things Kathy; I've learned a lot just from this one post and you got me curious in gemstones (I may have to trade out my fake plastic gem accessories for the real deal one of these days haha)!
    And I just adore how cute and easy your dress is... I love it when the shape/print/material says enough in a piece where you don't have to pile on tons of other accessories and whatnot to make it interesting. You look adorable as always! :)


  3. Hattitude Style Blog

    ooo Kathy LOVE this floral print dress. I am so jealous of you wearing fun flirty dresses already. I wish winter would GO away in canada already. LOVE the flower crown. so precious!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  4. You are so adorable!
    That dress is gorgeous and I love that you wore it with more flowers!! So fun :)

  5. so cute!
    love your blog as well, so well-organized! :)

    mind to follow each other? :)

  6. you look so spring-like and beautiful Kathy! love the two pops of florals <3

    Metallic Paws

  7. Just discovered your lovely blog. So pleased to have stumbled across it, everything you are wearing is so pretty xx



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