Sunday, March 3, 2013

Session in Bloom

I didn't really intend to get outfit photos during our weekend getaway to Baguio. I only brought comfy jeans and shirts with me. But the gods of fashion threw this coat down on my lap. Okay, that was really a stretch. I actually found this in some dingy, obscure thrift store and thought I need it in my life. Not that we have much of cold days left. I'll probably only use this for our occasional Baguio trips. And I used it without washing it first. Gross, I know. Am I sharing too much information?

Anyway, these photos were taken in front of The Mansion. But for all the attention I gave to the actual mansion, you'd think I was there only for the photo op (which I really was, I'm not going to lie). You know how I'm such a sucker for having my photo taken in an unpopulated pathway. 

I wanted to try Jajjangmyeon and Samgyeopsal so we had lunch at Wood Nymph. The food was good. I had a HUGE serving of the Jajjangmyeon. Even three people couldn't finish that thing, I reckon. I just wish the place had ambience - you know, korean music playing in the background or something.

Obligatory takoyaki photo.

And Myk's not-so-snow cone that he finished all by himself while I was busy selecting head wraps. I'm still nursing a grudge. hehe.

So this is where they keep all the horses! I didn't try riding them, poor things. They all looked so forlorn. I've been to Baguio countless times but this is actually my first time visiting The Mansion and Wright Park.

And dinner! There are so many overrated Italian restos these days. We still prefer the starkly simple Cuccinino for our fill of their awesome noms. And I might have brought home two boxes of sylvanas.

I wish we had more time to check out every booth in Session in Bloom. Sigh. Oh well, next time! :)


  1. Alkdjfowlsdkf. LKAJODKJKLQEJKLFJDSL. You are SUCH a cutie patootie Kathy!!!! I absolutely love that thrifted cape jacket that the Gods threw in your lap... something that special needed to be worn right away so it's okay that you didn't wash it hehe :)


    1. aww thanks Cassie! :") I know right? I thought so too when I saw it. The perils of fashion. hehe.

  2. Love that coat! You look adorable x

  3. love your headbeand!

    plus takoyaki (of course).

  4. your capelet/coat is amazing! ur food photo are making me so hungry too :p



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