Saturday, March 9, 2013


I have the misfortune to have such terrible neighbors. They're rowdy and noisy and are incurable gossips. They're rowdiest and nosiest at night when every person in nearby houses has already fallen fast asleep. They often chastise their errant daughter in a manner that will leave everyone in the neighborhood privy to their secrets (not that they're very conscious about keeping secrets anyway). 

They're still singing their larynx out at the videoke as I write this and I bet it will carry on till midnight. It's enough to drive a saint to curse. 

Most of the time, I just tap into my supply of patience (which isn't a lot, mind you, as I always exhaust them babysitting my adorable but tireless nephew) but in days like today, I just want to yell "shut up!" repeatedly until they get it. In my head, I have already yelled at them so hard, so many times. 

Reality is a different story though because no matter how much these people infuriate me, I won't say a thing. I'm still that girl who is scared spitless of confrontations and of offending other people. Never mind that they offend me too. 

This has always been my problem. I can weave confrontations in my head, write clever retorts online but I can never really say them out loud or in the face of the person I want to say them to. And my days as a freelancer have nurtured that crippling lack of self-assertiveness, I fear.

Living in so much chaos when I was younger, the older me just longs for peace and harmony. But I have often wondered if peace and harmony are the same as quietly accepting, sucking the bad things up and tolerating. They shouldn't be, should they? Otherwise, that will just be a sad existence. 

Sometimes I wonder if I have become too lenient of things, too tolerant and I mean cool as in blasé. I would like to believe it is a result of being schooled by Steve Pavlina or Gandhi or any other awesome person whose level of coolness I look up to. 

I don't know, these things just came to me. And I have nothing else to write and share except for these photos featuring my pineapple-printed dress (tacky or cute? I haven't decided yet, really) and this awesome set of Hakaw we ate for dinner:

I can still feel the chewiness in my mouth. yummm.


  1. I understand what you mean about being afraid of confrontation/offending people. I've always been the same way. It's not until recently that I've learned that sometimes, you have to teach others how to treat you, in addition to treating people the way you wish to be treated. It's a funny thing that people tend to gravitate towards others who exude confidence, stand up for themselves and have stronger opinions (though they may not be the most popular ones) more often than people who just want to get along with everyone and not rock the boat. Not sure why this is, exactly.

    In other news, I think that dress is adorable, and I think the pineapples are cute, not tacky! I love the full skirt. :)


  2. Thank goodness your horrible neighbors don't affect your beauty... you're looking GORGEOUS as always :D Though I do hope you can resolve the issues soon; it's tough dealing with the people around you but sometimes you've got to do it for your own sanity <3


  3. That dress is just so cute! I love the matching yellow shoes with it :)
    And oh wow, those neighbors sound absolutely awful...I'm like you in that regard though too. My mind can come up with sharp retorts that will never leave my mouth. Sometimes I wish I could let them loose, but I just can't. Its like my jaw is wired shut.

    Trendy Teal

  4. The dress makes you look like a baby doll!! :)


  5. The dress is so cute and you're looking like an innocent child wearing it, which is so lovely :) i once had a awful neighbor like yours, the would put up some noisy music or songs so loud it really was annoying. Until i moved into this new neighborhood, thank God!

  6. I absolutely adore your dress. It looks perfect on you! The colors are so Springy amazing :)

  7. cute dress, love it! you looks gorgeous <33


  8. super cute and vintage dress <3

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  9. Amazing outfit! So lovely:)

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  11. nice dress, pretty :)

  12. you look so lovely!
    i like your dress, pretty!



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