Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Checks and Sprout

It's been a hectic week and I'm craving for a time when I can do straight hours of reading and just lazing around. I'm so good at making a to-do list but give me half an hour and I've already forgotten about it. And I have a remarkably short attention span. I keep flitting from one task to another. I should really get my priorities straight.

Anyway, this is the second set of photos we took last Saturday. It's my new favorite pair of shorts. I have a bit of infatuation with checks these days.

I'm off to watch Sprout now (see what I mean about the priorities thing?) and ogle at the awesomeness that is Jesse Lewis.


  1. Love these shorts, and they look great paired with this blouse!

    xox Sammi

  2. You. Are. So. FREAKING. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love this outfit Kathy; those shorts were made for you :D


    1. aww thanks Cassie!<3 I really love the shorts. I'm just happy they fit me. hehe. I didn't bother fitting them. I just bought them without trying them on.

  3. Great shots. love your outfit especially the bag. superb!!!

  4. You look so cute, as always! I'm totally in love with that bag! :o

    xo Michelle

  5. My gosh this is a match made in heaven <3 check shorts and a blouse with a cute collar. You look beautiful.
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