Saturday, March 23, 2013

Summer Rain

As if my wardrobe isn't saturated with floral print already, I added another one. Got this vintage dress from a flea market while they were closing and I passed by just in time to snag it. I had to resize it but it still looked drop-waisted. I love it though.

I mentioned before that I am a collector of a myriad of things. I've started collecting crystals just recently. Myk actually influenced me on this as he is a fan of spiritual and meditation stuff. He told me how crystals can aid meditation and how there's a particular benefit to different kinds of crystals. 

I already have tourmaline, jade and one other crystal whose name I forgot. I got this amethyst gemstone during our last trip to Baguio. The seller mostly talked about how it can be beneficial for wealth and love but after googling it, I found out it has a more profound benefit - mostly health benefits. 

Tourmaline used to be my favorite because of its benefits to the health but I think Amethyst trumps those by a LOT! Aside from being helpful in reducing radiation effects (great for people who are always in front of the computer, hello there bloggers!), increasing energy levels when you are fatigued, getting rid of depressive emotions and avoiding mental disorders, it is also purportedly helpful in improving sleep (i should give this to Myk who is perpetually plagued with sleeplessness, methinks), staving off aging, boosting positive feelings and harnessing body circulation. 

I can vouch for its efficacy. Gemstones, like herbs, are here for a reason. More than decorative purposes, they do help a person a lot so I definitely recommend collecting them. Just keep them on your work table like what I do or wear them as an accessory. Recharge them occasionally by exposing them to sunlight.

Okay, I think I blabbed enough about gemstones. lol! I hope you guys weren't bored. 

The color of amethyst made it the perfect accessory for today's outfit. Threw in my floral hair crown, which coincidentally looks like the print of my dress and I was all set to brighten up a rather gloomy afternoon. It rained late in the afternoon, filling the air with the musty smell of damp earth and dispersing the scorching heat. I love summer rains!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Checks and Sprout

It's been a hectic week and I'm craving for a time when I can do straight hours of reading and just lazing around. I'm so good at making a to-do list but give me half an hour and I've already forgotten about it. And I have a remarkably short attention span. I keep flitting from one task to another. I should really get my priorities straight.

Anyway, this is the second set of photos we took last Saturday. It's my new favorite pair of shorts. I have a bit of infatuation with checks these days.

I'm off to watch Sprout now (see what I mean about the priorities thing?) and ogle at the awesomeness that is Jesse Lewis.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I should have warned you in the beginning of this post that it's going to be photo-heavy. We were feeling experimental so we decided to use different lighting. As you can see, they came out different from the usual composition of my photos. What do you guys think? Do you like it this way? Is it too strong? And I just realized how the majority of the photos I chose for this post are photos of me looking down.

Anyway I hope you guys like this photo set heavily inspired by the 60's. If you have been reading my blog for a long time now, you probably know how much I love the 60's. The dress is a tad too big on me but I had no time to tailor fit it so I just wore it as it is. These days, loose dresses are the only ones I feel comfortable wearing.

So what have you guys been up to? I read all your comments and try hard to visit your blogs and catch up. 

If you want to get more updates from me, do add me up on instagram (@mypeachdays). I'm off to get some sleep now. Oyasuminasai minna!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I have the misfortune to have such terrible neighbors. They're rowdy and noisy and are incurable gossips. They're rowdiest and nosiest at night when every person in nearby houses has already fallen fast asleep. They often chastise their errant daughter in a manner that will leave everyone in the neighborhood privy to their secrets (not that they're very conscious about keeping secrets anyway). 

They're still singing their larynx out at the videoke as I write this and I bet it will carry on till midnight. It's enough to drive a saint to curse. 

Most of the time, I just tap into my supply of patience (which isn't a lot, mind you, as I always exhaust them babysitting my adorable but tireless nephew) but in days like today, I just want to yell "shut up!" repeatedly until they get it. In my head, I have already yelled at them so hard, so many times. 

Reality is a different story though because no matter how much these people infuriate me, I won't say a thing. I'm still that girl who is scared spitless of confrontations and of offending other people. Never mind that they offend me too. 

This has always been my problem. I can weave confrontations in my head, write clever retorts online but I can never really say them out loud or in the face of the person I want to say them to. And my days as a freelancer have nurtured that crippling lack of self-assertiveness, I fear.

Living in so much chaos when I was younger, the older me just longs for peace and harmony. But I have often wondered if peace and harmony are the same as quietly accepting, sucking the bad things up and tolerating. They shouldn't be, should they? Otherwise, that will just be a sad existence. 

Sometimes I wonder if I have become too lenient of things, too tolerant and I mean cool as in blasé. I would like to believe it is a result of being schooled by Steve Pavlina or Gandhi or any other awesome person whose level of coolness I look up to. 

I don't know, these things just came to me. And I have nothing else to write and share except for these photos featuring my pineapple-printed dress (tacky or cute? I haven't decided yet, really) and this awesome set of Hakaw we ate for dinner:

I can still feel the chewiness in my mouth. yummm.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dolly & Molly Spring 2013

I thought I'd share my favorite Korean fashion labels with you guys, hence this post. I actually just recently discovered Dolly and Molly, after researching for Korean Drama Fashion. But what I saw, I instantly fell in love with.

Their Spring 2013 collection ( because they have a separate Summer collection featuring girl group Spica) is a medley of 60's, 70's, 80's and even 90's fashion. And of course, in typical korean fashion, it is chock-full of colors and prints.

Their At The Circus theme actually tells a story but I jumbled the images, sorry.

I won't babble much longer. Enjoy these photos! (credits to Dolly and Molly)



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