Sunday, February 24, 2013

Late VDay Post + Liebster Blog Awards

So i was cooking up a Valentine's day post but things didn't go according to plans. But it's better late than never right? After all, everyday is Valentine's day (says the me who has been in a relationship for almost 7 years now).

Anyhoo, we took three outfit sets yesterday. It was tiring but fun. We even stumbled upon a very picturesque, bougainvillea-laden street on the outskirt of town and couldn't help but stop and take photos. So cute! I just want to live there if only transportation and internet wouldn't be a real challenge. 

I also asked Myk to take more photos with him in it. lol! My reason? So we'd have more photos to put in our video presentation on our wedding day. haha! kidding.

Also, Leila voted me for the Liebster Award. Thanks Leila! :) I'm so excited to do this. hehe. Here goes...

The Rules:
Thank the person who nominated you and link your post to their blog. List 11 facts about yourself then answer the 11 questions given to you. Create 11 more questions for your 9 nominees, all of whom have 200 or less followers. Comment on their blogs informing them of their Liebster Award nomination.

11 facts about me:

I started blogging in 2004 but hasn't been able to stick to just one blog for a long time. Until now.
I'm petite. I'm barely 5' 1". 
I can't live without my animes, Jdramas and Kdramas. 
90% of the stuff in my closet is thrifted. 
I'm a sucker for cute note pads, post-its, notebooks and pencil cases. I buy them without ever using them. 
I'm deathly afraid of cockroaches. Especially flying ones.
I suffer from extreme motion sickness.
I love my historical romance novels (Lisa Kleypas, Judith McNaught, Linda Howard).
I'm a collector of a myriad of things - music boxes, anime play cards, anime posters, books, cute tin boxes and cans, hair ribbons, plastic eyeglasses. 
I make a mean fettuccine with creamy garlic sauce. (says Myk).
I am horribly nearsighted.

11 questions from Leila:
What is your most prized possession? My books! I'm on my way to realizing my floor to ceiling bookshelf dream. And can I cheat and add just one more? Our family photograph collection. 
What was your favorite vacation of all time? Baguio trips with Myk! We always end up with aching feet and stuffed tummy. 
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A nun. No, seriously. Because I studied in a Catholic school run by ICM nuns when I was a kid and saying you want to be a nun makes you look cool. 
Favorite super hero? Iron man!
If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you be in? I was sorted in Ravenclaw at Pottermore but I really want to be in Gryffindor.
Song that makes you want to punch somebody when it comes on the radio? Sorry but anything Riri. Ugh. 
If you could have any strange animal as a pet, what would you choose and why? Does a pygmypuff count? Just because it's so cute and fluffy and cuddly! I want cuddly pets. 
What were you like in high school? Dorky and unpopular and bookish and immature and timid. You'd either hate me or pity me back in high school. 
Who was your first love? Myk! Because my feelings for him today are incomparable to my feelings to those guys I had a crush on in the past.
If you were stuck on an island for a year, what 3 books would you bring? I'd take Lisa Kleypas' Worth Any Price and Love in the Afternoon and Antoine de Saint Exupery's The Little Prince.
What is your favorite word? I have a lot! But currently? Prismatic. I love how it relates to colors. And right now, I have a very prismatic wardrobe.

My questions for my nominees:
In case you get stuck in a zombie apocalypse, what are your survival strategies?
What do you do to de-stress?
Who is your style icon?
Do you have a weird habit?
What do you want to accomplish this year? 
If you are going to live the rest of your life wearing just one outfit, what would it be? 
Favorite song of all time?
Biggest regret?
What do you do first thing in the morning after waking up?
Coffee or Tea?
What is your most favorite season and why? 

And here are my nominees! 

PS: polka dot top is vintage, high waisted pair of shorts is from JC Penney, hat is from Egg. 


  1. awww. your outfit is so lovely!! and you guys are sooo cute together. hihi :">

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  2. You look effortlessly chic! Love your hair too! And I'm a sucker for stationery too! Notepads, post it, whatever.

  3. You and Myk are SO adorable!! And I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your questions... we have so much in common!! The cute stationary obsession, the amount of thrifted clothes in our closets, our short stature, etc etc. :)


  4. Congrats for the nominated , lovely look and lovely hat <333

    Hai.. Please vote me, Just click the heart icon
    Your voice means a lot for me :) (Photo no.3)
    The Sunny Day Is Taking Over
    Thank you so much <3

  5. Go petite! 5'2" baby! And you need to tell me some historical novels to read! Purty please! I have to become even more near sighted while reading too ^_^

    BTW I thought I was the only one with a library/HUGE bookshelf dream!

  6. is that your bf, kath? you look so cute and i'm loving your curls so much :)

    1. hey Febrina! hehe. yes it's my boyfriend. Thank you! <3

  7. that hat is sooo adorable on you!!!!
    and congrats on the liebster :)

    The DayLee Journal
    lemons&lace giveaway

  8. oo your shorts are cute!
    and I simply love your hat!!
    UK High Street Fashion & Style



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