Saturday, February 2, 2013

Comme des Garcons, Jeans, Japanese Bike Kind of Day



Your eyes do not deceive you. I really am wearing pants. In retrospect, this is the first time I'm posting a photo of myself clad in pants in this blog. I can't stand wearing anything elaborate these days. 

I have a huge insecurity when it comes to wearing pants. I have thick, full thighs, you see, and I don't usually like the way my thighs sit in pants. After gaining weight, I've avoided skinny pants like the plague. But what the heck, you gotta shake what your momma gave you, right? 

I'm not sure if the Comme des Garcons shirt is authentic but IDC. And V-day is just a few days away so...

My shoes are new but after traipsing around in dusty roads, they looked like they got stuck in the attic for decades. Not that we have an attic. Moot point.

And then we took my new bike (the one my boyfriend Myk gave me for Christmas) for a spin around the neighborhood.


Feels like spring!

There's this huge house (owned by one of the richest families in my province) across where I live. They own a vast, well-kept lot (right next to their huge house) overlooking the beach and it has really nice well-tended grass. I wanted to take photos there because it's so picturesque but we can't so we just settled for their bougainvilla-covered walls. hehe. 

I'll try to post more diligently from now on. I really miss blogging and the euphoria it gives me. And I really miss interacting with you guys who inspire me and who don't care a whit if I have huge thighs or if I go on and on about my insecurities. <3 You really inspire me to be comfortable in my own skin and pay no heed to anyone who tells me otherwise. 


  1. Your photos are always so lovely <3
    I want to take photos like these too! And I love this outfit Kathy! Wear pants more. You look awesome :)

  2. i like your style, you okay wearing jeans..:) and nice background btw! :D so pretty!


  3. omg loving your shoes! lovely shots <3 and your top is just too cuteee

  4. You look sooo cute! I love the hairband!


  5. you look so adorable! <3
    im following you doll, would you mind to follow my blog too ?:)

  6. sweet shots :) i have that top too!


  7. Oh. My. GOSH!!!! You need to wear pants ALL THE TIME KATHY you just look so freaking adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. you have the most lovely photographs here! i adore your jeans and the cute little headband. your style is the cutest! newest follower.

    lindsey louise

  9. You most definitely do not have thick thighs girl! You look amazing in those jeans! (:

  10. Fall in love with your outfit dear !
    love the bag, hairband and the flats!

    keep postinf dear :)

  11. Beautiful pictures and your outfit is adorable!!

    ♥ Lovely Pretty World ♥

  12. Getting back to you on your comment on my blog Kathy all I have to say is OH MY GOSH. I had no idea that Estee Lauder just recently changed the formula of their Double Wear foundation (as they've done with a few other products lately... grrrr) but people do NOT sound happy with it. As a quick summation, this is what I gathered about the new formula:
    1.) Color match isn't as good for people with fair skin (seems to accentuate redness because they changed the undertones)
    2.) Less SPF
    3.) A more watery texture aka coverage is not nearly as good
    4.) Doesn't stay in place; a lot of people were complaining about transfer onto their clothes
    5.) Caused acne/breakouts; new formula seems to clog pores.

    So yeah, doesn't sound too good... I honestly have not heard people talk about the Max Cover version but from what I've read that seems to be a VERY good foundation if you know how to use it correctly (i.e. a little goes a LONG way) so I guess if it were me I would go with that one!!

    Hope this helps Kathy!! :)

  13. you are just too cute for words! love this outfit and the photos are gorgeous!

    Lady à la Mode

  14. you look super adorable at this cute look , mind to follow each other?


  15. great blog and nice post! I will be here more often, I'm ur new follower!
    Don't forget to visit my blog too and like my facebook page!

  16. Comme des Garcon is one of my faves! I feel like making a shirt like that now. In the name of love of course. And I have thighs-- welcome to the be proud of your thighs club lol I talked about that too ^_^

  17. I think you look absolutely great in jeans!
    I guess the key is just confidence, dear Kathy
    although I am not a fan of jeans either! LOL

    those bike looks so much fun to ride!

    The Sweetest Escape 



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