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Skin 79 Intense Classic Balm The Premium BB Cream Review

I've been requested to write a review about my recent make-up haul which consists of Skin 79's The Intense Classic Balm and 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder.

I'm not a make-up guru. I can't put on decent make-up to save my life. But I consider myself a fair source of information when it comes to BB creams.

I started using BB creams back in 2009. It's not actually make-up. I usually consider BB creams more as a skin care regimen than actual make-up. BB creams are practically the Holy Grail for me because I don't like going out with super matte face. I like a bit of dew.

My first tube was Purederm's BB Cream, which I absolutely love. But after it has been discontinued (although they say it's still available in select Watsons stores), I've been on the hunt for a BB cream that will replace it.

I bought Missha BB cream next but wasn't very ecstatic about its pink undertone. I have a yellow undertone so BB creams with pink undertones tend to make my face look ghoulish. I do love Missha's coverage though. It evens out your skin tone and hides light pimple scars.

I also tried Lioele but I mixed it up with my Missha so I'm not completely certain how it looks like when applied alone.

I chose Skin 79's The Intense Classic Balm this time because I've heard about its awesome coverage. Here's my review of this product:

Consistency: Medium Thick. Not as thick as my Missha, which makes this BB cream quite easy to spread on your face. It also doesn't dry up fast so you can take your time applying it evenly.

Finish: Very natural. Almost like you don't have anything on. I love how it complements my yellow undertone so the result is pretty brightening. When I wore it the first time, my boyfriend complimented my glowing skin tone.

Coverage: Although most of the reviews say it has medium coverage, this one actually has light coverage. My Missha does a better job at covering pimple scars. On the other hand, coverage is buildable. You can apply two layers tops. I wouldn't recommend wearing a third layer because your face will definitely look ghoulish.

Don't worry about your skin looking too white immediately after applying. It oxidizes to match your skin tone after a while so you might want to wait a few minutes before applying a setting powder.

Here's what it looks like under flash photography. It definitely brightens up the skin but not overly so.

I read somewhere that BB creams work better if you just pat it on your skin to fill up your pores instead of just rubbing it on. Patting the product also makes it look more natural (almost like your second skin). If you have a kabuki brush, use it to dab the product on your face.

Staying Power: I played badminton wearing this and after an hour of sweating it in the badminton court, I still look decent. I could use a bit of retouching though but since I never really bothered to retouch my make-up when I'm out, staying power isn't really such a big deal for me.

Verdict: I love this BB cream. I can definitely see myself buying a second bottle. When I get around to buying Estee Lauder's foundation, I think I'm going to wear a thin layer of this on top just to get the natural glow and "dew" that I want.

This BB cream is best paired with this product:

3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder, formerly known as Palgantong powder.

It has a brightening effect without making your face look like you accidentally tripped on a bowl of flour. Best applied with a brush for a poreless finish. This powder works well as a setting powder but don't expect it to give a lot of coverage. It just keeps your face oil-free, methinks.

So far these products didn't make me break out. My skin is pretty oily so I can't stand anything that clogs my pores.

I hope this review helped you out in any way. I suck at making reviews so...

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  1. usefull info! thanks for dropping by :))

  2. Great review Kathy!! I've wanted to try an Asian BB Cream (the American ones are absolutely jokes... nothing more than tinted moisturizers) for SO long but can't decide if my skin tone will work with them. I've heard such wonderful things about Skin 79 before though so I may have to try this one of these days... oh, decisions decisions!!


  3. Thanks for the entry :D Useful tips and info :)

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