Friday, December 7, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin

So we watched Rurouni Kenshin today and homg it's so epic! And I'm totally going to switch to geek/otaku mode and reiterate how amazing the fight scenes, the whole cinematography and the casting were.

Takeru Sato really delivered. I had doubts about his believability as Kenshin when news of him being selected to play the lead role came out. I mean this is the comparatively fledgling actor who played second lead alongside Mizushima Hiro in Mei-Chan no Shitsuji a couple of years ago. And now he gets to play lead roles? Just look at him in BECK! He even learned how to play the guitar. What dedication! It helps a lot that he is a huge fan of Samurai X because he absolutely wanted to do the anime justice.

It's so nice to find non-JE actors snag the lead spots. I'm a fan of Kame, Yamapi, Toma, Jun, Junpei (the money-makers of JE these days) but they are too overexposed sometimes. There are just some actors that fit in the role perfectly like Kenichi Matsuyama as L and Oguri Shun as Shinichi Kudo. This time it's Takeru as Kenshin Himura!

Okay enough fan girling. <3<3<3 Have you guys seen the movie already?


  1. I didn't even know they were making this into a live film!! I never hopped on the Rurouni Kenshin bandwagon when it was popular but it seems like something I would enjoy... I'll have to check it out now since I love samurai anime/shows!! :)


  2. Is that out? when? i don't even know -.-

  3. oh wow! No idea this even came out but Im pretty sure it's never going to show in my city as I live in Australia lol I'm not sure what to expect though...generally Im not a huge fan of anime adapted into movies but at the same time I'm curious to see how they executed it.

  4. Just found your blog aaaannddd it's cute <3 glad to know you

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