Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pastel Sunset. New Age.

Photos from yesterday when we went to the beach to bask under the magic of December 21, 2012.  I can't even describe how amazing the sunset was. It was a bit filtered because of the thick clouds so the rays cast a pretty pastel color everywhere.

Lots of people came out to take photos so it was a little hard to take photos without a stranger photobombing at the background. lol! These sunset photos are unfiltered and unedited so you can really see how pretty the lighting was.

And I just went and sat on the sand with all those tiny twigs and sea shells washed over the shore pricking me. My curls just sagged after being blown by the salty sea wind. I was definitely not attired for the beach but I just love this yellow top with its structured sleeves and tulle piping. This outfit was inspired by Ah Rum from I Miss You.

And then, dinner!

So guys, how did you spend your December 21, 2012?


  1. Aw Kathy, you look absolutely beautiful!! That sunset must have been absolutely gorgeous in real life because I can feel the warmth it gives even in the photos :) And yummy food on top of your lovely (though photobombed, haha) beach shoot? Sounds perfect. Cheers to new beginnings!!


  2. i really love the lighting! <3 loving your skirt and top too. i went to the beach too this week and it was super refreshing!

  3. Lovely outfit doll! I think the shoes are so cute!

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  4. You look gorgeous! The lighting is so soft and pretty. And the grey and yellow looks so perfect together. And yum to the food!

  5. Very sweet and soft outfit. I love all the color matching too, I can't help it but I adore any matchy outfit that doesn't scream matching. It's the grandma in me waiting patiently for the day when I can rock an old lady sweater set with matching bag and shoes. :P
    Also, I'm not a super fan of loafers, especially patent ones, but these look very cute on you with this outfit and the vibe of the pictures.

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